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I hear from a lot of women who say things like, “I’d really like this experience, but I just can’t afford it right now. I’ll have to put myself on hold.”

It’s true that artistic, tasteful boudoir photography (the kind that you’d be proud to hang on your wall), is not all that cheap. Boudoir photos are an investment in ourselves. They are a commitment to living out loud and to celebrating the fullest, most empowered version of ourselves. A tangible daily reminder that we are strong, resilient, and sexy as hell?

Sign me UP please.

I truly believe every woman should experience a therapeutic boudoir session and be able to own a professional collection of art, celebrating herself. Many of my clients consider their boudoir experience a right of passage as a woman- and one of the best, most empowering experiences of their life.

To make this experience accessible to all of my clients, I offer 3 ways to make payments toward your photos. I’ve detailed them below, but if you have further questions about how they work, don’t hesitate to contact us HERE.

miami boudoir

In-studio payment plans:

  • 50% down payment due on the day of your order session.
  • 50% remaining balance due within 60 days after your photo shoot.
  • Receive your photo collection at the end of your payment plan

Paypal credit: (most popular)

  • 0% interest for 6 months
  • Payments for as long as you need
  • Photos delivered immediately
  • Apply for PayPal Credit HERE.

Square Installments:

  • Payment plans range from 3 months to one year
  • You choose the plan that fits your budget
  • Photos delivered immediately
  • Apply for Square Installments HERE.

More questions about how it all works or ready to invest in YOU? Contact me here.

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    1. Hi Cate, our photo collections start at 1500. Your boudoir investment will very much depend on how many images you want and how much (if any) printed product you want.

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