#1 Question My Boudoir Clients Ask

#1 Question My Boudoir Clients Ask

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People ask me this all the time…

“So how did you start doing boudoir photography?”

And I always wish my answer were more climactic, but really the answer is simple.

I fell into boudoir photography unexpectedly, was instantly hooked on it and never looked back.

salt lake city boudoir

The short of it is that I had been photographing glamour and beauty portraits for about a year before I found boudoir. One day one of my beauty portrait clients requested boudoir photos. Having zero experience posing boudoir clients, I said “Umm sure, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, but let’s try it out! ;)”

Little did I know how empowering this experience was going to be for my client.

And for the hundreds of beautiful boudoir clients that have since followed.

6 years later and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

miami boudoir photographer

So why was boudoir photography the missing piece for me when I first started out?

After experimenting with family, newborn, beauty, glamour and travel portraits, I felt something was missing. I wasn’t lit up by the work I was doing.

Coming from an educational background in psychology and counseling and a lifelong pull to leave a soulful impact with my work, I always knew that my work had to help change lives. 

What I quickly discovered in our boudoir sessions is that they allow my clients to strip away the layers and start to love the parts of themselves that have been left in the dark.

los angeles boudoir photography

Our sessions together are a beautiful sort of awakening where I get to watch women step into higher versions of themselves and do it in a way that feels comfortable, sexy and empowering!

As I often tell my clients…

“Boudoir photography is like therapy, but in photos.”

los angeles boudoir photographer

And we all need healing babe.

So imagine the power of having your own boudoir portrait hanging on your bedroom wall. Or a beautiful album full of all of the best photos you’ve ever seen of yourself.

You get to see yourself as artwork every single day and remember how brave and beautiful you are.

The power in this is priceless.

So yes, I fell into boudoir photography years ago without planning to, but it was far from being an accident.

In fact, as I’ve seen the therapeutic effect on my clients over the years, the tears of joy shed and the spirits lifted, I’ve come to realize that blindly stumbling into boudoir photography has been the best thing that ever happened to me.

And if we still have yet to work with each other, I hope you’ll feel the same.

Much Love,



Los Angeles/Palm Desert: March 12th-April 10th

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Tulum: Ongoing

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  1. Linda

    Wanted to know if you guys can hide some imperfections. How much does a package cost ?

    1. Lindsay Carlisle

      Hi Linda, we’d be happy to answer all your questions about our retouching and pricing options. Please be sure to schedule a call so that we can discuss in detail. We look forward to chatting with you!

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