Why is Boudoir Photography So Popular?

Why is Boudoir Photography So Popular?

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Even with the countless reasons to book a boudoir session, you might still be asking yourself, why is boudoir photography so popular?

 If you ask me, simply desiring to do a photo shoot is reason enough to drop what you’re doing and hop on a phone consultation with the studio to learn exactly why so many women (and men!) are wanting to book a boudoir shoot.

No matter what your reasoning for doing a shoot, the benefits of your experience will extend far and wide beyond the empowering feels that happen on session day.

Yes, you’ll go home after your session on that post-shoot high and will likely be on cloud 9 for all the days leading up to your reveal session.

However, the real power is in your photos. 

The beautiful photos we capture together are tangible proof that you are beautiful just as you are. Not when you lose those extra 10 lbs, and not when the timing is “perfect”, but now… because that’s all there is.

Whether you’re interested in a shoot in Los Angeles or our Tulum location, we’re going to share with you 20 Reasons to Book a Boudoir Shoot

Let’s jump in…

Los Angeles Boudoir Photography
  1. You’ve been on a fitness journey and are in the best shape of your life and want to document it.
  2. You recently got divorced and are finally doing things just for YOU again. 
  3. You’re a hard-working mom who could really use some pampering and time to reconnect to herself.
  4. You want to get in touch with your sexy side like never before. 
  5. You’ve just had surgery and want to celebrate your new body. 
  6. You really need a self-loving vacation to recharge.
  7. You want to celebrate your post-baby body.
  8. You want to have photos of yourself that reflect your divine beauty. 
  9. You’ve gained or lost a few pounds and want to embrace your ever-changing body. 
  10. You want to spice up your love life with some sexy photos of yourself.
  11. You are single and want to remind yourself of the powerful, independent woman that you are.
  12. You are on a journey of healing trauma and want to treat yourself to an empowering experience that will remind you of your worthiness. 
  13. You want an excuse to revamp your lingerie collection. 
  14. You want to bask in some luxurious pampering to decompress and tune into your most worthy self.
  15. You are over 50 and want to flaunt what you got 😉 
  16.  You’ve got a birthday or anniversary coming up that you want to document. 
  17. You are getting married and want to gift your images to your partner. 
  18. You are secretly craving to be in the spotlight and want to see yourself through my lens. 
  19. You want to disconnect from your responsibilities and take some time to feel like YOU again. 
  20. You have been eyeing our photos and are dreaming of what yours would look like. 
Los Angeles Boudoir Photography

Are you ready to connect with your most empowered self?  Let’s chat about it.

The first step to booking your shoot is to schedule a phone date with the studio.  At this time, we’ll walk you through the process, talk about your vision for your images, answer any questions you may have, and select your shoot date if you’re ready.

“Turning 40 was a big deal for me. So much had happened. I’d loved and lost my husband, lost a pregnancy, lost my identity a bit to motherhood to my 3 yr old. I wanted to feel beautiful and alive again…and I wanted an amazing photographer that I trusted to capture my essence so I could remember every time life got rough that this is who I am to the core…strong, beautiful, and perfectly imperfect just dancing my way through life- and I have the amazing pictures to prove it.” 

Just like this amazing client, you may also have something to both celebrate and reframe.  I am here to help you do just that. 

Love, what will we celebrate through your boudoir photos?

With love, 


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