3 Revelations About Self-Care

3 Revelations About Self-Care

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Like many of us, over the last year and a half I’ve spent a whole lot of time turning inward to focus on personal growth and healing.

I’ve always had an interest in self-care and with ample time in solitude, I decided to view it as an opportunity to indulge. 

I spent my days meditating, journaling, pampering myself, connecting with my body through intentional movement like slow thoughtful walks, and the occasional boudoir self-portrait session.  

Have you tried an at home boudoir selfie sesh? It’s a lot of fun 🙂

Get a phone tripod and copy some of the poses on my IG – @lindsaycarlisleboudoir 

Simply find a room with a window to bring in some natural lighting.  The best time to snap away is in the early morning or an hour before the sunsets so the lighting is even and soft.  Take a video of yourself moving through the poses and then screenshot the frames you like.  Relax your face and body by breathing slowly out of your mouth.  

Doing this may feel silly at first but don’t let that stop you!

Selfie sessions are a liberating way to connect with your body and show yourself the unconditional love and honoring that you deserve.  

They are also a little baby intro to what your boudoir session will feel like. 

Now back to my revelations…

Through this time of introspection, I’ve formed some remarkable daily self-care habits for myself that have been the impetus for 3 major revelations about self-care that I want to share with you. 

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#1: Less is more…

In our materially driven society, it is so easy to get caught up in thinking that in order to practice self-care you must purchase that new skincare product or self-help book, or take yourself on a lavish getaway.

Self-care is something that can be done so simply and entirely on your own.  

You don’t need any products or props to form the rituals that your body is craving.  

There is always a place for extra support, accountability, and celebration (like a boudoir session 😉 along the way but know that there is so much healing and growth that happens in the mundane, day to day practices that are developed through repetition. 

#2:  Good things take time…

Forming new habits, especially ones that are so deeply emotional, take time.  My goodness… it is worth it.  But I have found that practicing patience when it comes to self-care is a challenge that requires continuous grace and forgiveness.  

It is okay to have off days and lows – learning to hold space for those moments to exist alongside the highs is all part of the process.

When it comes to self-care, it can be difficult to see our progress from day to day.  The true perspective rather is gained through reflecting over longer periods of time.  It’s for this reason that I journal daily and re-read entries when I feel called to gain more insight on how far I have come.

There is no timeline to be followed, no rights or wrongs.  All we can do is listen to our hearts and allow our bodies to guide us.

los angeles boudoir photographer

#3:  You deserve to be celebrated… 

You read that right!  A huge part of practicing well rounded self-care is celebrating yourself and doing so often.  

This is something that can be challenging, but in time it becomes fun and natural.  Doing things that you LOVE is so empowering because it reminds us how fun life can be.  I celebrate myself regularly by exploring new places, treating myself to deep tissue massage, and having solo dance parties just to move energy through my body.

Boudoir Sessions are the ultimate form of self-care because from the initial inquiry to the delivery of your final products you are unapologetically putting yourself first every step of the way.  Throughout your journey, you will get to experiment with your style, your preferences, and what it feels like to be the center of attention.  It’s like nothing you’ve probably ever experienced.

I know that self-care can be a lonely journey at times but remember that you are a strong and brave soul that is well equipped to conquer all that you desire. 

If you want to lean on a community of like-minded women to share your victories and hardships with, our VIP Facebook group (join here) is the place for you! In this community we share inspiration, self-love, and body positivity.  

We would love to have you.

And if you have any questions about doing a boudoir shoot of your own or are ready to take the next step to book, use the button below to schedule a phone consultation with us at your convenience.

With love, 


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