5 SELF-CARE TIPS | Miami Boudoir

5 SELF-CARE TIPS | Miami Boudoir

Self-care is relative.
Self-care is necessary.
Self-care is a gift to our soul.

If you live in Montana and do yoga on a mountain every morning after hiking to the top and eating homemade granola all while looking flawless in Lulelemon yoga pants, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve officially made it!

We talk a lot about self-care in our boudoir studio, but what is this new age, new-fangled term that sometimes makes us feel like we’re missing out on some secret formula for self preservation?

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Self-care to some would be putting on a clean shirt after our baby barfs all over our last clean shirt while we cry.

Self-care is also having a glass of wine (filled to the brim, no ones watching) after being in San Francisco traffic for hours even though you were only 10 miles away from your destination.

The other day I worked about 4 and a half hours away from home in beautiful Mendocino, CA. I left at 4:30 am (not self care) As I got further into my drive I finally woke and put on quite a spirited rap performance inspired by Biggie smalls and all things Pandora.

After a while I lost cell phone reception and was forced to really tune into self.

I became super aware.

It was chilly, but I had all my windows open and the heater on full blast.  Even though my coffee was cold I was at complete peace.

I started taking everything in and feeling so blessed. I saw so many different landscapes due to the way too long drive but it was absolute perfection. I drove through the forest, through the rolling hills and along breathtaking cliffs that dropped off into the ocean.

I noticed myself driving slower and no longer rushing to get to my client. I was actually late because of the distance but because I was at such peace I had no anxiety when I arrived and my appointment went flawlessly.

There are a million ways to self-care, some indulgent, some expensive and some time consuming. These ways, although magical, are not what I am talking about right now.

I’m a woman, I’m a fiance and I’ve been a wife. I’m a mother, I’m a person and I have lived. Sometimes we need a break and we need to decompress. These are a few ways to take a bit of control of your day and the moment.

1. Breathe:

Sounds simple, but seriously. This is especially important in a super stressful situation. We’re not always able to take a walk and separate ourselves from the stressful situation but we can control the tone. Close your eyes and take a few cleansing deep breaths before responding. You stay in control of the situation and have a moment to collect your thoughts and respond the best way possible.

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2. Drink water!

If you are thirsty you’re already dehydrated. Want fuller lips?  Stay hydrated. Want beautiful skin? Stay hydrated. All those little aches and pains can be signs of dehydration. Headaches, achy joints, sore eyes, digestive problems and fatigue can all be easily remedied by upping your water intake. Set a timer to remind yourself. Drink up!

3. Cut sugar

I hate this one, you hate this one, but I promise you will feel so much better. Every morning I would drink a Venti espresso Frappuccino with extra carmel, extra whip. MMMMMM I cut down to grande, then no carmel, then regular whip, now I can’t even drink a tall Frappuccino without feeling sick. The same goes for soda, I lost 16 lbs not even trying when I cut out Coke.

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4.Get a bra that fits

It’s 2018, you are a grown up, and a sexy woman- get fitted! This might be the most important on this list. A bra without underwire stabbing you is so magical. A bra where you’re not popping out in all the wrong places is also extremely confidence boosting. I opted for a push up strapless, why? I don’t know….I always felt horrible and uncomfortable. Now I love a good bralette. Once I figured out I don’t really need boobs to sit my chin on I actually feel way sexier and less self conscious. If you do have boobs your chin naturally sit on this is also amazing advice- why not be sexy and comfy?

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5. Eat the dessert

Not the most important but definitely my favorite.

My #1 go to no-no indulgence is dessert and champagne. If I have the luxury of god forbid a date or a real dinner. I can’t even eat. I’m out, give me that dessert menu! We’re so busy being super women and conquering the world that a lot of times we eat on the run. Sitting down to eat can sometimes be a luxury so why not take advantage and have what you reeeeally want. Smell the chocolate, enjoy the texture and relish the feeling of a good mousse. Go ahead you deserve it! Enjoy!

So whether it’s having a boudoir session or lots and lots of chocolate (or a boudoir session WITH lots of chocolate?? that could happen ;), I hope you can find at least one way to slow down and practice self-care today in this fast paced world.

Let us know your favorite ways to care for yourself in the comments…

With love,


Beauty Department, Lindsay Carlisle Boudoir Studio

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