5 Self-Loving Activities for Valentine’s Day

5 Self-Loving Activities for Valentine’s Day

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Hey Gorgeous. 


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I don’t know about you, but who doesn’t love a day centered around love?!

Like other holidays though, so many single people tend to feel lonely on Valentine’s Day. No need to babe! It’s the perfect day to spend time nourishing yourself and honoring all the things about you that make you proud.

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Some will call this selfish or egotistical- I call it necessary self-care.


There are so many of us who struggle with self love. It either doesn’t come naturally because we didn’t even learn about self-love growing up or there have been some challenges on our journey that have caused us to question ourselves. That is one of the reasons I love boudoir photography so much. 


Boudoir is entirely about self love and personal transformation. It’s about you, diving deep and holding nothing back. Even if you’re not used to claiming your worth and practicing self-love, we’re here to help guide you through the process.

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Boudoir photography is you declaring (to yourself, to the world, to whoever sees your photos) that you are absolutely worth it. And while you don’t need a holiday as an excuse to give back to yourself, we do want to remind you that there’s no better time than the present 😉


So what will you do? How are you going to celebrate YOU this weekend?

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Here are my top 5 self-love activities for V Day:


  1. Do something outside of your comfort zone. Do a Boudoir Shoot. Tell that special someone how you feel. Go Skydiving. Have a solo dance party in your bedroom (naked if you can!). Take an impromptu weekend getaway to somewhere new. Do something that reminds YOU that you’re alive and thriving! 

  1. Manifest your dreams with a vision board. Did you know that when you visualize what you want your life to look like regularly, your subconscious mind will learn over time that your VISION is actually reality? As a result, it will align you on a path to help manifest that reality. The most amazing part of a vision board is that it opens up so many thoughts and ideas about what you want and where you want to go. Sometimes the things we don’t even realize we want will make it on our vision boards. I suggest hopping on Pinterest to grab images of that new life you’re after. Your vision board can be digital or in print- either way just be sure to go through it every single day to empower yourself toward your next level you.


  1. Get outside. Vitamin D is one of the best things for you; your body, mind, and soul. It’s one of the most readily available vitamins in nature, yet many people are deficient in it! Whether it’s a hike, outdoor yoga, sitting outside with coffee, or a lunchtime picnic, get yourself outside for some you time where you can just enjoy the sunshine and be present. 


  1. Invest in yourself. I know things are difficult right now. The financial struggle that hit in 2020 is real. But you also deserve to spoil yourself a little. So that purchase you’ve been thinking of- you know the one I’m referring to- just do it. It doesn’t have to be something huge, but it has to be something worth it. Investing in yourself tells your subconscious that you believe in you. It reminds you that you are worth it, and you definitely are babe.


  1. Affirmations. Do you have a list of all the personal affirmations that you say each morning? This is how I start most of my days, with coffee and a list of about 20 positive affirmations. Saying these out loud to myself boosts my mood and creativity and sets the tone for the entire day. It is such a powerful therapeutic tool…and free!


I am so excited to hear how your Valentine’s Day (and the entire weekend!) goes. Be sure to let us know which of these ideas you plan to do in the comments!


Much Love,




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