5 Things to Know About Our Boudoir Sessions

5 Things to Know About Our Boudoir Sessions

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Ready for some boudoir session facts?

If you’ve never done a boudoir session before there are understandably some things you might not know about the boudoir journey. 

And even if you’ve already had a boudoir session with another studio, every single photographer does things differently.

Things that you learn when booking a session with us, like, how long does the session last? Should I practice posing? What happens if I’m late?…

You might be wondering a lot of this.

Today I’m going over 5 things you may not know about how boudoir sessions work…

1. You won’t be posing yourself at all

I have dozens and dozens of poses that we’ll put you in throughout the photo shoot. Each one is physically demonstrated first before you even get into it so that you have a visual to work with. Check out our TikTok for examples of what some of our posing looks like.

2. Just because you do a boudoir session doesn’t mean your photos will go online

Many of my clients choose to keep their photos completely private and simply opt to not sign our image release.

3. It is very important that you show up to your session on time

Because I am a natural light photographer, I have timed our sessions to align with golden hour and sunset. If you miss part of your appointment, then you’ll miss some of the best lighting opportunities as well as the chance for a fuller gallery.

4. We spend approximately 30 minutes on each outfit

This gives us ample time for each look as well as time for short mini breaks throughout your session.

5. Trust is everything

It is imperative that you trust your photographer throughout the entire boudoir journey from booking to session day and beyond.

We understand that this is a new experience for most people and trusting can be difficult, but letting go and trusting the process is absolutely key to a successful boudoir experience with us!

Ready to have this extraordinary boudoir experience for yourself?

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