Tips to Customize Your Boudoir Session | Miami

Tips to Customize Your Boudoir Session | Miami

Achieve your signature boudoir session in 5 easy steps. Here are some crucial tips to making the most out of your boudoir session wardrobe. 

I didn’t discover lingerie or it’s power until my early 30’s, and “OH IS IT POWERFUL”!! What I discovered in my 30’s is that a well fitted matching bra and panty set or even a sexy corset can bring any man or woman to their knees. Luckily we now have spanks and high-waisted panties to bring sexy back in all the right places. This is a huge WIN ladies. Here are a few other things to keep in mind when planning for your boudoir session:

1. Shop around! Victoria’s Secret is no longer our only option. I personally love Frederick’s of Hollywood. Frederick’s always has amazing sales and their lingerie is very well made. You’ll also find some unique custom-made items on Etsy (and will most likely be supporting smaller businesses with your purchase!). Lovechild Boudoir, though more of an investment, is also a studio favorite. If you decide to buy from them do plan way ahead. Their pieces are hand-made and shipped from the UK. (Fun fact: We have several Lovechild Boudoir pieces on hand in the studio, so before you buy from their website, check with us first).

san francisco bay area boudoir2. We are the sexiest and most confident when we are comfortable and FEEL like ourselves. Not a lingerie lady? You might be more comfortable wearing body jewelry or opting for an implied nude in the sheets look. Whatever you choose to wear it is vital that you feel good about it! If you’re iffy, it will show in your images. Choose your wardrobe with your own personal style in mind, not what you think you’re supposed to wear.

3. What have you always imagined yourself in? Weight is not an issue. Again, it’s 2018 and you are BEAUTIFUL, regardless of your shape and size and what the media will have you believe about yourself. Own your bod. Strappy lingerie, faux fur or bling boudoir sessions are all about you and capturing your beauty, your message and your version of sexy.

san francisco boudoir session4. Before your boudoir session try to have a plan of what look you’d like to achieve. I.E glamorous, old Hollywood glam, sultry, sexy bed head, etc.  These are all things to take into consideration to be the most prepared and most at ease during your session. If you have some ideas you want executed, but aren’t sure how to go about them, just ask! We are more than happy to guide you through that process and even brainstorm together. Better yet, gain some inspiration from our Pinterest board of boudoir wardrobe ideas.

san francisco boudoir session

5. Most importantly……Have fun! We have your back. You have a whole studio wardrobe, photography, posing and beauty department backing you up on your journey so enjoy the ride. Sit back, shake your hair and give us those duck lips! (Just kidding, don’t do duck lips)     los angeles boudoir photographer                                                                       

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