5 Ways to Display Your Boudoir Photos

5 Ways to Display Your Boudoir Photos

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So you’ve completed your boudoir session and received your portraits.. Now what? 


Some women proudly frame and hang their boudoir art in the hallways and living rooms of their homes, to which I say, that’s my kind of girl!


But, for many of us, we prefer to keep our photos a bit more private. It can feel understandably uncomfortable to hang them in spaces where visitors or the kids may see them. If this sounds like you, I have a few ideas that might be right up your alley!

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Selecting one of our luxurious albums might be a great place to start. You can keep the album on your nightstand or on a chest of drawers in the bedroom. Whether your session was planned as a gift for yourself or a significant other, an album is a safe choice to enjoy your photos privately. 


On your bedroom walls

Don’t be afraid to hang your boudoir artwork up in the bedroom! You can hang your prints above your headboard or on a wall that isn’t doorway facing, if you want it to be less visible to those who pass by in the hallway. 

The reason why I love this idea so much is because every morning when you wake up and get ready to take on the day, you will have a beautiful reminder of just how stunning you are and how confident you felt in the moments that your photos were being taken. Looking at your wall art everyday will be valuable daily self-esteem boost!


In your master bathroom

Add a framed photo or one of our small vivid metal prints from your session to a vanity plate in your master bathroom. You can add some candles or fresh flowers to give the ensemble a pretty and feminine pop. 

Is there really a better view to have while putting your makeup on and seizing the day? 😉

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In your walk in closet

I know of some beautiful ladies that have chosen to hang a framed portrait or metal wall art in their walk-in closet. One in particular opted to hang hers on the wall behind her husband’s hanging clothes so that when he is choosing what to wear before work he gets a sexy glimpse at the love of his life. 


On your bedside tables

Choose one of our 5×7 Diamond Blocks for your portraits and showcase it on your bedside tables. Your bedroom is your goddess lair, and can be adorned with your photos in whatever way you like. Placing them tastefully next to your bed keeps the mindset alive that you are beautiful, sexy and so worthy. 

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However you choose to display your boudoir art, always remember to admire the woman in those photos and see her reflection in everything you do. Let them serve as little mementos of your confidence, and never let go of how that woman felt in those moments that made her feel like her highest self!

Much Love,


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