6 Benefits to Booking Boudoir Photos in Advance

6 Benefits to Booking Boudoir Photos in Advance

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Boudoir Photography LA style: Why book your boudoir shoot months in advance?

Unlocking the transformative experience of a boudoir photoshoot requires more than just stepping in front of the camera—it’s about preparation, anticipation, and allowing yourself the luxury of time. Booking your LA boudoir session may seem like something that should go on the back burner, but let me share 6 reasons below why it shouldn’t.

Here are six valuable benefits to booking your boudoir photoshoot well in advance:

Less Stress, More Excitement:

By securing your boudoir session well in advance, you eliminate the last-minute rush and stress of trying to find an available slot. The boudoir experience with us is all about showing up as grounded as possible, at peace in the process and trusting our intimate team (just myself and our hair and makeup artist:) Let yourself be able to focus on the excitement of your upcoming photoshoot and eagerly anticipate the empowerment that awaits by booking far in advance.

Time for Mental Preparation:

Booking your boudoir session months ahead gives you ample time to mentally prepare for the shoot. Whether it’s practicing poses in front of the mirror or meditating and visualizing yourself radiating confidence, having a longer timeframe from the time of booking to your photo shoot allows you to approach the photoshoot with a positive mindset and unwavering self-assurance. It also gives you time to ask me any questions or bring up concerns that you might have about your session with us, setting you up for success!

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Curate Your Wardrobe with Care:

With extra time on your side, you can leisurely shop for the perfect wardrobe pieces that make you feel confident and beautiful. The last thing you want to do when shopping for your session is to shop last minute and buy random pieces that you feel ‘meh’ about! You’re going to have your boudoir photos forever and trust me, you’ll want to be OBSESSED with what you have on. Having the luxury of time ensures that you’ll love every detail of your 3 outfits for the photoshoot.

Invest in Yourself:

Booking your boudoir session months in advance is an investment in yourself and your self-confidence. It’s a powerful declaration of self-love and self-worth, and an affirmation to the Universe that you value yourself enough to plan ahead and invest into YOU with thought, effort and care. Now is there anything sexier?

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Take Advantage of Pre-Session Payment Plans: If you want or need to do a pre-session payment plan for your photo collection, then booking in advance is definitely not something to skip. All of our payment plans are offered pre-session only, meaning you begin making payments on your selected photo collection shortly after booking. (The only exception to this are post-session upgrades). With all of our payment plan options (custom in-studio interest free plans, PayPal Credit and Affirm) there are so many ways to break up your investment over time. But you can’t do this very comfortably if you wait until the last minute! Want more info on how our payment plans work? Visit the contact page to connect.

Limited Availability:

Don’t let procrastination stand in the way of experiencing the transformative power of owning boudoir photos of yourself. Our session availability is not unlimited babes. In fact, at the time of writing, we have only 5 spots left for October sessions in Los Angeles!

October may seem so far off, but that time will fly by….and by scheduling your session now you’ll be claiming deeper self-worth while giving yourself plenty of time to plan for your life-changing photo shoot with us.

Ready to make one of those 5 remaining spots yours?

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