6 Things to Know About Tulum Boudoir

6 Things to Know About Tulum Boudoir

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1. Your Photographer Lives in Tulum, MX

I moved to Tulum nearly three years ago from the SF Bay Area.  Although, when I tell people that Tulum is my full-time home, it can be hard for them to wrap their heads around.  And I can totally see why…

When most people think of Tulum, they think of a magical paradise that is far too indulgent to consider a full-time living place.  But, as a lover of Tulum’s tropical climate, culture, and the endless healing & holistic experiences available here, making Tulum my ‘home’ seemed like an obvious (although outside of my comfort zone at the time!) next step. 

Read more about what I’ve learned after living in Tulum for two years in this recent blog post.

What this means for your Tulum Boudoir photo shoot is that you can trust my team and I to guide you through your travels and session day using our insider knowledge and support. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a partner or friend, we’ll help you have the best trip imaginable.

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2. You Can Book Your Tulum Boudoir Session Year-Round:

When I am not in Los Angeles for our LA sessions or on a personal trip, I am at home in Tulum hosting our destination photo shoots.  This means that our Tulum Boudoir sessions can be booked year-round.

There is no bad time to come visit Tulum.  Each of Tulum’s seasons has its own quirks and that’s part of Tulum’s charm.  In the spring and summer months, you’ll find 90+°F sunshine while in the fall and winter months, temperatures drop to about 75-85°F and you may be greeted by some cooling rain showers.

So, when you come to visit me in Tulum will depend on which time of year sounds more enticing to you, how long you’d like to plan out your payment plan, and what our studio availability looks like. 

Learn more about The Magic of Winter in Tulum.

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3. You Must Book Your Tulum Boudoir Photo Shoot in Advance:

As fun as a spontaneous photo shoot in Tulum sounds, your session date must be booked in advance – for a few reasons.  For one, the majority of our clients choose to finance their investment using our in-house pre-payment plans.  It’s likely you’d want to do the same!

With our pre-payment plans, you will pick out your desired collection and we’ll stagger weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly installments towards your total purchase amount over the course of the months leading up to session day.  This helps you break up your investment over time and this also helps set you up to make a more intentional investment.  

Secondly, when you set up a pre-payment within 7 days of booking your photo shoot and make your session reservation 90 days or more in advance, you will gain access to our incredible collection bonuses.  

Learn more about our collection bonuses and pre-payment perks.

Lastly, just because I live in Tulum, does not mean that I am there all of the time!  I am often traveling so be sure to inquire about our Tulum availability before planning your trip to Tulum.

Destination Boudoir Photography in Tulum, MX

4. Your Photos Will Be Taken at Our Private Outdoor Cenote Location:

Hearing that your boudoir shoot is outdoors may sound a little intimidating.  But don’t worry! Out Cenote location is completely private and secluded.  You do not need to worry about anyone wandering through while you’re having your photo taken.

5. Your Tulum Boudoir Wardrobe Pieces Will Look Different Than Your In-Studio Photo Shoot:

When preparing your Tulum wardrobe, we want you to look for outfits that will help you both stand out against the environmental backdrop AND aesthetically match your surroundings.  I know this can sound a little abstract, but in the following blog posts, we break down everything you need to know when gathering your wardrobe pieces: 

6. Sessions Take Approximately 4.5 Hours:

Between Hair and Makeup, traveling to our shoot location, and the two (2) hour photo shoot, you should plan on being with us for at least 4.5 hours.  Since this is basically your whole day, I highly suggest planning to be in Tulum for 4-5 days at a minimum. 

We’ve put together a 4-day travel itinerary for you to pull from when planning your trip!  You can view it here.

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Interested in Having Your Boudoir Photos Taken in Our Caribbean Paradise?

We are currently booking boudoir photo shoots in Tulum, Mexico and Los Angeles through 2022 and beyond.  

If you are interested in learning more about what your experience will look like, please use the button below to schedule a phone consultation with the studio via our FAQ Guide: 

During this time we will chat through the details, answer any questions you may have, and select your session date if you are ready. 

Much Love, 


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