7 Affirmations for Harnessing Worthiness

7 Affirmations for Harnessing Worthiness

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You are worthy of all that you desire. 

Whether that be a photo shoot to celebrate yourself, a promotion at work, a new addition to your wardrobe… you name it. 

It can be so easy to forget that when life’s turbulence shakes us up.

Our boudoir sessions heal your soul through allowing you to tune out the stressors and harness your true divine worthiness.

They so do by illuminating the beautiful sides to who you are that may not be shining fully in your day to day life.

When you view those sides of yourself during your session and in your images, you will never forget how stunning you truly are.

From the moment you book your photo shoot, I’ll be coaching you through the entire process to experiment with what your version of worthiness feels like…

With that being said, I know that when I am intentional about finding time to bask in the most powerful version of myself, I am able to bring myself back to that feeling more often.  

Sometimes I do so when I need a boost of confidence and other times I just want to maintain my personal growth. 

I’ve put together 7 affirmations to help you harness your true divine worthiness without fail.  

These affirmations are designed to be used as needed or as part of your daily self-care rituals.  Enjoy… 

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Our 7 affirmations for harnessing your divine worthiness:

“I am worthy of all that I desire”

“I value myself unconditionally”

“Abundance flows to me with ease”

“I am in control of my own destiny”

“I pursue my goals with confidence”

“I am worthy of success and happiness”

“My body is worthy of giving and receiving the love it desires”

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How to use these affirmations:

Step One: Find a comfortable space for yourself where you can sit in silence.

Step Two: There are three components that help make affirmations most impactful.

1) Repeat the affirmation

2) Visualize the affirmation

3) Feel the affirmation

Step Three: Cycle through repeating, visualizing, and feeling the affirmation for as long as you feel drawn to!

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Boudoir photography is sooooooo much more than just pretty pictures.  

It’s a form of self-expression and inner healing that continues to transform your life long after session day.

That’s why many of my clients return to the studio year after year….

Because our shoots are a catalyst for pushing you further along your journey of personal growth.

I hope these affirmations are inspiring and if you feel drawn to share your experience using them with us, we would love to hear from you!  

 Just shoot us an email at info@lindsaycarlisleboudoir.com and we’ll be in touch.

And if you are interested in booking a boudoir shoot, use the button below to schedule a phone consultation with the studio.  

During your phone consultation, we’ll get to know one another, chat through what to expect and select your session date if you are ready!

We can’t wait to have you in the boudoir studio.

Much Love, 


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