7 Benefits to Doing Boudoir Photos Over 40

7 Benefits to Doing Boudoir Photos Over 40

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There are so many benefits to doing a boudoir session over the age of 40…and you might be surprised that most of our clients are actually well over 40.

If you’re over 40 and considering a boudoir photo shoot, well, that is simply amazing. (and let’s be honest, 40 is the new 30 anyway. I’ll be 41 soon and can attest to this;)

A boudoir photo shoot can be a powerful experience for any woman, but it can be especially beneficial for women over 40. Here are seven benefits of doing a boudoir photo shoot in your 40s and beyond:

  1. Boosts self-confidenceA boudoir photo shoot allows you to celebrate your body and embrace your unique beauty. Seeing yourself through the lens of a professional boudoir photographer can help you see yourself in a new, much kinder light, which boosts your confidence. We sometimes start to lose this as we age, so having boudoir photos taken can be highly therapeutic and can even help reset our confidence.

  2. Encourages body positivity: Many women in their 40s have faced societal pressure to conform to certain beauty standards and to keep up with all that latest beauty trends seen online, in order to look younger, more fit, etc. A boudoir photo shoot allows you to embrace your body (and age) as it is and celebrate its unique qualities, cultivating a healthier body image.

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3. Marks a milestone: One of the biggest reasons our clients come to us is to celebrate a milestone birthday! Turning 40 is a significant milestone for many women, and a boudoir photo shoot can be a great way to mark this transition. What a way to ring in another year of life, honoring your journey in gorgeous, timeless photos that will make you feel like a Goddess.

4. Increases body awareness: A boudoir photo shoot asks you to be present in your body and pay attention to how you move and pose. Life gets hectic with so many things on our plates as adults, so if we’ve somehow disconnected from ourselves, a boudoir session is an amazing way to get back in your body and reconnect with your essence. 

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5. Helps you embrace your sexuality: As we age, it’s common for our sexual desires and needs to change. A boudoir photo shoot can be a fun way to explore your evolving sensual or sexual side and is always a safe space to do so.  

6. Makes for a unique gift: Boudoir photos might just be the world’s best gift, am I right? Not only are they unique only to you, but what partner wouldn’t want a beautiful printed album filled with sexy images of their love? Gifting a boudoir album can even be a way to reignite the spark in your relationship and show your partner how much you appreciate them, even if you’ve been with them for many years. (they’ll likely never suspect you’d do something like this!;)

7. Increases self-care: Since boudoir shoots in our studio are essentially a half-day event, a boudoir experience really forces you to take some time for yourself and prioritize your own needs and desires for the day. I know my clients who are busy Moms especially struggle with this. Even if you’re not a Mom though, investing time in self-care can be challenging.

The good news is we provide a ton of self-care prep material leading up to your photo shoot that really helps set the tone for a day of being devoted entirely to YOU!

And the list goes on, but we’ll save all the rest of our benefits of boudoir over 40 for another post.

If you’ve had a boudoir session and are over 40, is there something we missed on this list? Drop it in the comments below:)

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