“I knew that I wanted to do it, but I ‘knew’ I was definitely not skinny enough. It wasn’t until meeting Lindsay, that she helped me overcome my fears and helped me feel amazing about my body, and showed me that I was actually a beautiful woman with some curves. When I finally got to see the pictures, I was stunned.  Then when Lindsay posted a few photos in her Facebook group and I got feedback from other group members, it was even more of a confidence booster. I now have these photos to look at to remind myself that I AM beautiful, confident, and strong.”

Amazing things happen when you step outside of your comfort zone.  I’m so proud of you Allison for letting yourself experience a boudoir session. Even happier that you now have beautiful photos of yourself to cherish forever. You are one gorgeous woman, inside and out.

bay area-initimite-portrait-boudoir-photographer.jpg
east bay-oakkland-bay area-boudoir.jpg
marin-san francisco-boudoir-photographer.jpg
san francisco-bay-area-boudoir-photographer.jpg
san francisco-boudoir-photography.jpg
san francisco-boudoir-portrait-photographer.jpg
sf-bay area-boudoir-portraits.jpg
sf-bay-area-boudoir-photographer.jpgbay area-boudoir-portraiture.jpg

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