A Boudoir Session & Your Transformation

A Boudoir Session & Your Transformation

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“I have struggled with body image issues my whole life and choosing to embrace this boudoir shoot was one of the most difficult and liberating experiences I have ever had.
I am moved to tears to finally be able to truly see the beauty that others see in me.”

Welcome to the beginning of your transformation!

My clients tend to find me at the perfect time in their lives- when they are seeking to uplift themselves or celebrate their journey. This is why I don’t believe in coincidences. We have crossed paths for a reason. 

Miami boudoir photographer

Often my clients are going through a major life change such as marriage, having a baby, weight loss, divorce or even an entire reset of who they were and who they’re now becoming. Their boudoir session is often rejuvenating and inspiring in ways they never imagined it would be.

It’s exciting to watch my clients transform in these ways and to be able to help document such monumental upleveling in their lives.

Their photos become physical evidence and the ultimate honoring of their journey. To see themselves on their wall everyday looking like the poster woman for power, confidence and strength- what could be more empowering as you go through your day? And life?

You, my dear, are a work of art and you deserve to see that.

Tulum boudoir photographer

I know you don’t always see this and most days you certainly don’t feel this way, but it is my job to show you this.

Using expert posing and natural lighting techniques, I bring out your most goddess-like qualities with ease and so little effort on your part you’ll be wondering why you waited so long to have your photos taken.

With nearly 6 years of showing women the beauty that they don’t always see in themselves, I assure you…you’ll see yours too.

Much Love,


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  1. Orena Downing

    Hi! I am wanting to do some beautiful, sexy, passionate photos for my boyfriend. I wanted to do a few on his Harley too. I’m 49, & my body is not perfect, and it’s not bad. Haha.
    I wanted to get a quote and see how all this works. I’ve been seeing a lot of the photos on your site and I love them.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    My working hours are from 7am to 4pm Mon – Fri

    Thank you so much
    (Aka Renee)

  2. Lindsay Carlisle

    Hi Orena! thanks for reaching out. We’d love to connect with you and get you all the details on our sessions. Do please use this link to schedule a call with us at your earliest convenience: https://lindsaycarlisleboudoir.com/phone-chat/

  3. Virginia

    I’m to fat 😔But I love some of the pictures 💙 can you work with me ? I really would love to take some I’m in Los Angeles Ca.

    1. Lindsay Carlisle

      Virginia, I photograph women of all shapes and sizes. You’re not “too” anything;) Yes, let’s chat about your photo session in LA!

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