Adding Beauty Portraits to Your Photo Shoot

Adding Beauty Portraits to Your Photo Shoot

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What Are Beauty Portraits Anyways?!

Similar to your boudoir photos, Beauty Portraits are glamorous photographs that showcase your unique essence.  However, Beauty Portraits do so in a more modest and versatile fashion.  These photos capture you from the bust-up and communicate an aspect of your everyday personality. Beauty Portraits can be professional, alluring, candid, or edgy.  It all depends on what you want to use them for!  

What Are These Images Used For?

There is a range of uses for your Beauty Portraits.  Which is one of the reasons they are so fabulous!  First off, if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, Beauty Portraits are an opportunity to take photos for your personal brand.  On the other hand, if you need to refresh your professional portfolio with a new headshot, they can be used for that as well. Lastly, if you want to display images from your photoshoot but are not comfortable sharing your boudoir-style images with the public, Beauty Portraits are a great option to do so.

Like your boudoir photos, your beauty portraits can be printed on any of our fine art products and displayed around your home, in your office, or as a digital file to be used on social media.  Depending on what your vision is for your Beauty Portraits, I’ll be able to make subtle shifts in lighting and mood to communicate your vision.  

Interested in having these taken but not totally sure what you would do with them?  Let us know and we can help you brainstorm. There are endless uses for this style of photograph.

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What Should I Wear for My Beauty Portraits?

When it comes to your Beauty Portrait wardrobe, It’s best to keep your look clean and simple as to not distract from our main subject, YOU.  Like the women in the photographs, everyday work or lifestyle attire is fitting and if you want to dress things up, by all means, bring your best luxury suit or dress.  There is no rulebook for how casual or glamorous your Beauty Portraits can be.  In fact, the bolder you choose to dress, the more empowering and unique your photographs will be.

I'm Sold! So, How Can I Add Them to My Photo Shoot?

Beauty portraits are one of our exclusive collection bonus optionsWhen you make your reservation 60 days in advance or more, you will gain access to an incredible selection of exclusive bonuses.  These bonuses include Beauty Portraits, 50% off your next session fee, a complimentary mani/pedi, and more!

During your initial phone consultation with the studio, we will walk you through how to set up your pre-payment in order to lock in your session bonuses.  Ready to learn more or book your photo shoot? You can reserve your phone consultation here. 

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Another Adored Collection Bonus:

Another one of our most popular bonus options is 50% off your next photo shoot.  This means that when you book your next boudoir shoot, you will receive $250 off your session fee! 

Your 50% off Session Fee Includes:

  • Hair and makeup with lashes in the studio
  • 3 wardrobe changes
  • Up to 2 hours of photography
  • Expert posing instruction
  • Fine art image retouching
  • An empowering experience that will forever change the way you see yourself

** Digital images, albums, and wall art are purchased separately. 

Your returning photo shoot can be booked in Tulum, Mexico or Downtown LA

“What an experience! From that very first phone call to reveal day, Lindsay was super accommodating and empowering. She took the time to get to know me, explained the process, and answered all my questions with so much patience. On the day of the photo shoot I felt like a model! So much attention to detail and the best part was when Lindsay would follow every camera click with “gorgeous” or “beautiful”. I couldn’t believe that was me in all of those amazing photos. Truly breathtaking. If this is something you’ve ever considered, please get on the phone and talk to this talented superwoman and let her work her magic.”

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Ready to Book Your Photo Shoot?

We would love to learn more about what interests you in boudoir, what you are looking for in a photo shoot, and help get your shoot on the calendar if you are ready. 

We are currently booking photo shoots in Downtown LA and Tulum, Mx (ongoing).

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