5 Affirmations for Body Positivity

5 Affirmations for Body Positivity

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Body positivity is such a loaded topic.

We all have uniquely complex relationships with our bodies – both physically and emotionally – that are a result of countless oh so human moments that we’ve experienced.

As we grow up, we are constantly absorbing different stigmas from the media and those around us that dictate how we end up loving and nurturing ourselves as adults.

I wish for you and I both that our world was more kind and accepting towards all bodies but for most of us, body positivity is something that we must make an active effort to manifest in our lives.

We have to be able to count on ourselves for this.

Our boudoir photo shoots are a time for you to explore what it feels like to be completely comfortable in your own skin without any inhibitions or judgement.

It is a sacred space where you’ll feel divinely worthy, beautiful, and empowered no matter what you were carrying when you walked through the door.

Being in this space and feeling unconditional self-love coursing through your body during shoot time creates a lasting shift within you that you’ll be reminded of every time you look back on your images. 

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Part of creating this sacred environment is being intentional about the self-talk that you are using throughout shoot time.

Because how we speak to ourselves directly relates to how we feel about ourselves – When we are positive and empowering, we will feel undoubtedly positive and empowered. 

This practice not only will have an impact on your shoot experience but it is something that can be used throughout your day to day life to bring more loving energy into your relationship with yourself. 

For this reason, I’ve come to be an advocate for affirmations to inspire positive self talk.  

Before we jump in, I want to note that having some doubts or vulnerabilities come up when first using them is completely normal and expected so be patient.  

In addition, to help guide you through using these affirmations, we’ve put together some step by step suggested instructions for maximum impact that can be found below!

Our 5 affirmations for body positivity:

“I show my body the love and respect that it deserves”

“My body is perfect and worthy just as it is”

“I am grateful for what my body is capable of doing”

“I love and care for my body in a positive and healthy way”

“I release my insecurities and grow more comfortable in my skin everyday”

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How to use these affirmations:

Step One: Find a comfortable space for yourself where you can sit in silence.  Perhaps this means being in your car before walking into work, right when you wakeup, or even in a candle lit bubble bath 😉

Step Two: There are three components that help make affirmations most impactful.

1) Repeat the affirmation – You can do this by simply repeating it out loud or in your head.

2) Visualize the affirmation – This looks like imagining what you might look like if you embodied the affirmation completely.  

This can feel a bit abstract at first so if you have trouble with this one, imagine yourself doing something you do everyday single day (like brushing your teeth!) while being your most confident self.

3) Feel the affirmation – You can do this by imagining what it might feel like in your body if you embodied the affirmation completely.

Step Three: Cycle through repeating, visualizing, and feeling the affirmation for as long as you feel called to.  

Sometimes I’ll set a timer for 10-15 minutes and focus on a single affirmation.  Other times when I need a little boost, I’ll just sit for a few moments to re-center myself and go about my day.

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When we practice body positivity, we are not only healing our pasts wounds but we are also demonstrating to those around us that there are more loving alternatives to the ways we have been taught to see ourselves. 

If you have any questions or experiences using these affirmations that you would like to share with us, I would love to hear from you.  Just shoot us an email at info@lindsaycarlisleboudoir.com and we’ll be in touch.

And, if you looking to empower yourself through a boudoir session of your own in Tulum or LA then we should chat!  Schedule a call with us to learn more.


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  1. Laurie Yglesia

    I want you to know that I absolutely have loved reading your blog as often as necessary.
    Your morning rituals and body affirmations have rang true to my soul and I want to thank you once again for all the work you put into helping every woman see the beautiful goddess within.
    Your an inspiration, a true talent , a woman of wisdom and your appreciated.
    If ever I’m having a bad day , battling with myself, your here to always make things better. Realistic. Beautiful. Inspiring
    Thank you Lindsay for being the lovely spirit you are.

    1. Lindsay Carlisle

      Laurie that means SO much. I’m thrilled to know that our blog speaks to you and that you’re finding inspiration from it! That’s all we can hope for. Thanks so much for sharing this. Big hugs and so much love to you! XOXO

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