All About Session Bonuses

All About Session Bonuses

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I am a big believer in celebrating our uniqueness.

We all have distinct preferences and visions that differentiate us from one another.  Not to mention, as we shift and evolve over time those preferences and visions shift within ourselves.

What a blessing!  I mean, do you ever take a stroll down memory lane and think, “Thank GODDESS I outgrew that phase!”? 

Listen… we’ve all been there.  

And that’s not to judge our past selves – I’m sure they were pretty freaking cute too.  

But, I do think it is powerful to acknowledge those differences and hold space for them to shine as a reflection of the astonishing person you’ve worked so hard to become.

The newly evolved Goddess in you can shine throughout your entire boudoir experience with us.

One of many ways we can celebrate her is through our complimentary bonus products.

Our studio began offering session bonuses a while back as a way for our clients to customize their boudoir experience through additional product options and add-ons. Completely complimentary, these products allow our clients to refine their boudoir experience to meet their own personal needs and styles.

Our current bonus options include Two Beauty Portraits, Two Professional Headshots, Two extra images, an Extra Outfit Change, the Velvet mini album (select collections only), 50% off next session fee within 12 months and 25% Wall Art of your choice.

Our bonuses are now loved and utilized by nearly all of my clients for two primary reasons.  

Let’s dive into them!

Collection Bonuses | LA Boudoir Photography

Reason #1:

Your session bonus options are unlocked through setting up one of our Pre-Session Payment Plans or paying in-full for your desired collection within 7 days of making your reservation and at least 90 days before your session date.

When taking advantage of this in-house financing option, you will have the comfort of knowing that the financial side of things is completely taken care of prior to session day which will give you the freedom to truly bask in your day of pampering.  

I get comments all the time about how wonderful it feels to be fully prepared for your session through our payment plans.  

There is nothing better than being prepared.  It’s one of the most understated forms of self-care!

Our bonuses are our way of thanking you for showing yourself that care.

Reason #2:

Our bonuses give you the option to personalize your session, whether that be through adding some additional looks or through one of our bonus products. 

Some Clients want to throw in a few formal headshots to revamp their professional side or have some kid friendly pieces to share around their home.

Lastly, some of my clients have partners they want to give a gift to without having to share their products with them.  In this case, the Velvet mini album is perfect for a sexy and portable gift. 

With these add-ons, we get to get more creative together and play around with some super unique ways… Our options are endless.  

boudoir photographer miami

Let’s turn those dreams into reality.

I know that there are many questions that come up around your boudoir investment.  

We would love to sit down and chat through your individual needs and discuss what your session payment plan and bonus choices could look like.

If you are interested in booking a phone consultation with our studio, please use the following link to reserve a time slot that is most convenient for you:

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