Are YOU excited about our Model Call?

Are YOU excited about our Model Call?

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If you haven’t applied to our Model Call yet, you are truly missing out. It is one of the incredible ways we give back to our Boudoir community while also setting the stage for our Brand for the year. But wait, do you even know what our Model Calls are?

If not, read on. You’re in for a treat. 😉

Our Model Calls are a super fun way for our biggest fans to experience a Boudoir session, walk through the process of the transformational journey of the boudoir experience, share their story and inspire other women, AND take home an amazing collection of their images, while receiving a generous discount on their photos. 

So the session is free?!

No. This is a huge misconception with many women who initially apply. Although the sessions are NOT free, we do offer a fantastic Model credit towards your collection. Which means you get to experience the beauty of your session, work directly with our Studio Manager to create your own personal vision for your time with us, and then continue your transformation when you bring your images home. 

Many times, women underestimate the importance of them bringing these images home. They get excited about the session, love the way they feel about themselves during and after their session with us, then absolutely fall in love with themselves when they see their images. 

But what happens next?

So many women forget this experience isn’t just about taking some gorgeous photos (although that’s pretty amazing right?)

This experience is about YOU loving YOU; the journey you’ve taken, the skin you’re in, the body you have, LOVING all of that. And then some. Loving the great moments and the opportunities. Loving the trials and tribulations. Loving you, where you stand, right now. It’s not about looking perfect, its about knowing you are perfectly YOU.

And it’s about remembering all this because you have the reminder hanging on your wall for you to see. A perfectly perfect image of you looking raw and beautiful. 

This Model Call… it’s about just that.

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It’s about sharing your story with us, partnering with us to make this the most incredible experience possible. 

Walking through the conversations and the questionnaires to help us build your vision for the day. 

It’s about stepping into hair and makeup clean and ready for a transformation you never imagined happening. Jumping into something (or nothing) that makes you feel your best. 

And it’s about experiencing an opportunity to love your body in all of its glory. 

To feel beautiful with almost nothing on. 

To feel empowered as Lindsay coaches you through the poses. 

To feel on top of the world, as you conquer this mountain of self doubt and climb to the top of self love. 

It’s about walking away from your session, feeling like nobody can love you as much as you do.

And being able to remember this every single day because you have surrounded yourself with daily reminders. 

Then allowing us to share that story with other women who want to feel that same way and don’t know how to get there.

The Model Call experience is transformational, inspiring, and everlasting. 

Are you ready to transform 2021 into a year of loving you and earn an incredible Model Credit for allowing us to share your images to inspire others?

Learn more about this once in a lifetime opportunity and apply below today:

Let us help you LOVE YOU more.

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