Artistic Boudoir Photos

Artistic Boudoir Photos

Kasey’s boudoir session was nothing short of amazing. We loved how she took the day off from mom and home schooling duties of her littles to really reconnect to herself. Enjoy her interview and gallery below…

Q: What made you want to schedule your session with Lindsay Carlisle Boudoir?

A: I scheduled a session with Lindsay because I appreciated the artistic vision and style she showed in her portfolio of work. Every body, skin tone, and face shape always managed to look stunning, powerful, sexy, and confident. I wanted to be captured like that and show my daughters that our bodies and souls are worthy of love no matter what society may say.

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Q: What were some of your biggest concerns about having your photos taken?

A: Any time photos are taken you always worry about if they’ll capture the true essence of who you are. Will they be flattering, will they capture my ‘best side’, will I be able to do those poses and not look ridiculous, will they be tasteful?

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Q: How did you feel the days leading up to your session?

A: I was excited and a bit nervous. There was a lot going on in my life at the time and I wanted to be sure at my best when the time came.

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Q: What was the actual photo experience like for you?

A: It was great! I felt comfortable and safe with Lindsay and had a lot of fun being guided through the process. It was truly a day of just sitting back and being pampered and molded into lighting and positions that would bring out the best in me. I was surprised at my body’s ability to make some of the more difficult poses look relatively effortless in the final product too!

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Q: How did you feel after leaving your photo session and the days/weeks following?

A: It was such an empowered feeling. Knowing I had done something solely for myself that made me happy and showed off some of my personality in the process was awesome. Being a mother, my energy is poured into everyone BUT me, taking a few hours to just focus on my inner goddess was deeply soul nourishing.

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Q: What would you say to women who struggle with their body image and self-acceptance?

A: Stop. Seriously, just stop and step back. The voices you’re hearing aren’t your own; they’re the words of a society bent on keeping women from finding their power. It takes a lot of inner work to realize your own self-deprecation comes from social programming, but it’s an important realization to come to. We’re all meant to look and think differently – that’s what makes us beautiful and powerful! When a woman shrugs off everyone else’s expectations and truly loves herself, she’s unstoppable. Put in the effort to break your chains, YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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