At Home Boudoir Wardrobe Fittings

At Home Boudoir Wardrobe Fittings

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“Our confidence comes from our preparation.” 

I love this sentiment because it couldn’t be more true for your boudoir session. And if you’re shopping for your photo shoot and need lingerie ideas or how to ensure what you plan to wear actually fits, this post is for you.

The more you prepare leading up to shoot day, the more images we’ll be able to create together that are aligned with your vision and true essence. 

It’s time to take yourself seriously babe.

And since you’ll have your images forever, putting in the additional effort is more than worth it.

In fact, it is essential.

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Every piece of clothing has it’s quirks that makes them sit differently on every body and there is nothing good or bad about that – just something to be aware of.  

No matter your body type, size, or shape, there are countless wardrobe options out there that will fit you perfectly and feel liberating when on.  

Those are the pieces we want you in. 

Hearing that the perfect pieces are out there can be pretty hard to believe for some of us but with some experimentation, our prep materials, and patience, you’ll see for yourself.

And listen… just like with anything in life, if a piece doesn’t feel like a ‘f*** yes’ then it’s a hard NO.  

Plain and simple!

With that being said, it’s so important that you try all of your pieces on as far in advance as you can before session day so you know exactly how your pieces look and feel on.  

We’ve put together this guide to walk you through how to do a solo At Home Fitting that will help you identify which pieces make you look and feel like the divine feminine queen that you are:

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How to do a fitting:

– Do your fitting when you can carve out uninterrupted time alone.  The duration really depends on how many pieces you are trying on but a good estimate is 5 minutes per piece.  

– Lay out all of your options on your bed or floor and begin with whichever pieces you feel most drawn to.  

– As you go through each piece, use the Fit Checklist below to ensure they fit properly.

– If it passes the test, then use the Feel Checklist to ensure you feel confident in the piece.

– Make a yes pile, a maybe pile, and a no pile to stay organized and continue working each piece through the checklists until you’ve tried everything on.

– Then go through the maybe pile again remembering that if the piece does not get you excited then let it go.  

– Take a look at your yes pile and either narrow it down or identify what you might need to try more of!

The Fit Checklist:

Check for excess material or spacing:  Some often overlooked areas are the crotch, butt, straps, boobs, waistline.

Check for excess tightness and skin indentations: Particularly around the underarms, straps, boobs, torso, back, and butt.

Check for mobility: Move around and notice if this piece limits or restricts your mobility in anyway. 

Check for spillage in the tops: Ideally, your chest is flush with the cup of the bra/top.  If it is not, you may need a larger size. 

Check for sleeve and strap length:  Keep in mind that most sleeves and straps (if not adjustable) can be altered really easily and affordably.  

The Feel Checklist:

– Ask yourself, “How do I feel in this piece?”

– Ask yourself, “Does this piece fit comfortably?”

– Ask yourself, “Would I like this piece years from now?”

– Ask yourself, “Do I feel empowered in this piece?”

Why a solo fitting?

Sending picture to friends or a partner is fun but I would only do so when you have had plenty of time to sit with each piece and form your own opinion first.  

I don’t suggest doing a fitting with anyone else in the room because we want you to be in a sacred space where you are free to feel and think whatever you want without any external influence.  

Even if you have the most supportive friend or partner, you may look to them for validation or an opinion rather than looking to yourself.

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Follow this guide to a T and you will no doubt be thriving on session day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through this guide and we would love to hear how your At Home Fitting goes.  We are always just an email if you need more lingerie ideas for your photo shoot or how to shop for it.

If you have been thinking about booking a boudoir session of your own and are ready to book or have questions about what your experience would look like, then let’s chat!

Much Love,


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