At-home Self-Care for Women

At-home Self-Care for Women

A Goddess´ Guide to at Home Self-Care: Part 2

 Connecting to Your Goddess Self through Nature

We are beings directly in tune with nature, but sometimes we forget how important it is for our health to actually be in nature. How many of us often go days or weeks without stepping out for some quality time in nature? Super guilty here!

With the global circumstances, more than ever we are having to “social distance” from Mother Nature at a time when we need her most and when she needs us.

Mother Nature is now begging us to connect and respect her and each other. So how can we continue to do this when many of our parks and beaches are now closed?

We’ve laid out a few ideas to connect you with nature in and around your home…


Walking, laying down, or even placing your hands on the ground or on a tree helps to cleanse yourself of stress and and realign with the cycles of Mother Earth. Other benefits include neutralizing free radicals, increasing immunity, decreasing inflammation and pain, and improving sleep. Grounding can also aid in alleviating anxiety and depression. Focus on the sounds and feelings all around you-the sun on your face, the sound of the wind through the trees, or the birds singing. After enough time you’ll feel a calmness wash over you.

boudoir goddess woman at beach grounding self-care

Moon, Sun, and Sky bathing 

This sounds simple, and it is! The heavenly bodies above us also charge us and give us strength and energy. You will find great peace being under the sky and taking a moment to escape the current chaos.

The Moon has her phases just like us. Whether a full or a new moon, she gives us a chance to connect with our feminine goddess selves. This is is a great time to write a list of things you’re grateful for or your strongest intentions during these moon phases.

goddess woman dancing under moon self-care  The waxing phase (from new moon to full moon), is a great time to list what you want more of in your life. The waning phase (from full noon to new moon),  is a time for focusing on things you want to remove from your life.

Just being under the sun and the sky will be beneficial.  Take time under the sky and notice what you see in the clouds. It is free entertainment and a good break from Netflix! Breathe in that fresh air and be thankful that the sun comes up every day.


This is a wonderful and ancient technique that we invite you to practice. The art of decalcifying your pineal gland is one that doesn’t get nearly enough attention these days.

Our pineal gland is the seat of our spirituality and is located at our third eye. Unfortunately, in today’s modern life we have calcified this gland through our unhealthy habits, which make it weak. Sun-gazing is an amazing way to decalcify the pineal gland and to even help it grow!. A strong pineal gland attunes us with our higher self, increases awareness and intuition, and helps us make important decisions aligned with the highest version of ourselves. (Yep, your pineal gland at it’s best does all that and more!)

goddess dancing sungazing self-care

It is very important to only do this with the sun rising or setting low on the horizon, within the first and last half-hour of daylight.  If the sun is high enough to make you squint, time to end your session. It is important to start slow. Begin with 30 seconds and increase by 30 seconds per day until you reach 30 minutes.


Do not feel confined or pressured to sit in a lotus position for hours fighting with yourself and your thoughts. There are walking meditations, gazing meditations and other ways to connect with your inner goddess. The point of meditation is to take a break from thoughts and worries. Even if you just touch that point of non-thought for 2 or 3 minutes a day, you will see a huge improvement. It is consistency that will give you results.

woman goddess in nature self-care

Time in the Garden

Getting your hands in the dirt, letting it slip between your fingers and feeling into this sensation is actually an excellent grounding activity. Not all of us are green thumbs (literally while writing this I realized my plants haven’t been watered in over a week-oops) but even just playing in dirt and smelling the earth is beneficial for us. Plus, what better time to learn how to garden than now?

Deep Breathing

We really do not recognize just how shallow we breathe. Deep breathing allows more oxygen into our cells, energizing our entire body and mind. Sadly, none of us receive the amount of oxygen we were designed for. Without proper circulation of oxygen throughout the body, our systems just don’t function as they should.

Taking the time to focus on our breathing is a way to explore how we are feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally, while connecting to the rhythms of nature.

tulum goddess photo

It is important to check in with ourselves every so often. Breathing can be combined with many other techniques, such as meditation, nature walks, and more. Part 1 of our self-care series explored Kundalini yoga and meditation as an at-home self-care tool. This is my go-to practice for deeper breathing, self-connection, and vibe raising! Check out my favorite online community, Embody Your True Nature, at Shanti Nam Yoga for daily breathing and yoga classes. This community is keeping me sane and healthy during these crazy times and is such a source of inspiration in my daily life. Hope to see you there;)

Please share with us how this post resonated with you in the comments below and tell us what are your favorite ways of connecting back to nature and your goddess self?

Much Love,


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  1. Laurie Yglesia

    I love the reminder to get outside and get closer to nature. It’s where we were designed to be after all. I always feel so much better after I have had my hands and feet in the earth. Working in my yard is my go to space now that we are housebound and I’m so thankful to be living on the river these days where there is always an interesting view~~
    As always, your are such a shining star for us women. You offer so much more than just your photography ( as if that wasn’t enough!).
    Thank you for sharing this series and thank you for being your genuine , lovely self~~

    1. Lindsay Carlisle

      Aww I’m so happy to share with you Laurie, and grateful to know you. Glad you’re enjoying the outdoors so much and are surrounded by beauty. No one deserves that more than you. So much love to you! XO

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