Best Cenotes Near Tulum

Best Cenotes Near Tulum

Many have heard of the magic that surrounds the Mayan Riviera. What you may not have heard about are the jewels of this magnificent place full of culture, tradition, and nature- the cenotes. There are many cenotes near Tulum and we’re exploring some of the best ones in and around Tulum.

Cenotes are naturally formed sinkholes in the limestone from which the entire peninsula is formed and are unique to the Tulum area and Yucatan Peninsula. There is a belief that all cenotes are connected through underground waterways, which are treasured by cave divers. The Ancient Maya revered them as the entrance to the underworld and sources of many healing properties. You can experience their healing properties by swimming in the mineral-laden waters- your skin and hair will feel like you just came from a spa!

Here we wanted to highlight our favorite cenotes in and around Tulum. If you are traveling to Tulum for your photo shoot with us, we hope you’ll take the time to enjoy these magical surroundings.

Sac Actun Chen has recently graduated from the longest underwater cave system in Mexico to the longest in the world after the discovery of its connection to Dos Ojos. This is an underground cenote, but it has an opening for you to enter where the light creates a wonderful atmosphere reflecting off and through the blue water. This is a cave system so you will find other cenotes to explore here too.

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Suytun is another breathtaking and Insta-famous cenote. A cenote with its own unique presence, Suytun is located just outside of Valladolid. If you’re visiting from Tulum, you should consider this a day trip. There are many cenotes in the area and Valladolid is a place few travelers to Tulum get to see, but is well worth the visit to this colonial city.

To witness the Instagram-famous light stream entering cenote Suytun, it is best to go around noon.There is another cenote right next to Suytun off to the left of where you’ll pay your entrance fee. This cenote is not one you can swim in, but enjoy two cenotes for the price of one! Each cenote has its own unique beauty worth visiting.

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Ik-Kil isn’t so off the beaten path as it attracts quite a large number of tourists, but it is impressive nonetheless and has a strong spirit energy. Mystery resides in the waters of Ik Kil, which is considered sacred by the Mayans who performed human sacrifice to their rain god, Chaac. Bones and jewels have been excavated from the deep waters of this cenote by archaeologists. Explore the amenities onsite (which include several restaurants and snack shops) and then climb the 26 meters down the stairs to the water to witness the breathtaking view of Ik-Kil’s cascading vines and light pouring in. It is easily one of the top 5 most beautiful cenotes in the Yucatan. This one is located close to the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza- another must-see visit!

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This brings us to the home of our boudoir photo shoots in Tulum- Cenote Buho. Our special cenote is closed to the public and only available to visit for special events, such as your photo shoot! The most exclusive cenote near Tulum, cenote Buho ensures total privacy and an unforgettable cenote experience as you enjoy the scenery and healing waters all to yourself. Combine this once in a lifetime experience in nature with your boudoir session and your time with us will be sure to be the highlight of your trip to Tulum.

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