Best Shopping in  Tulum

Best Shopping in Tulum

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When preparing for your Tulum boudoir shoot, we recommend gathering your outfits weeks in advance.  However, sometimes life happens and you need to do a little last-minute shopping to complete your looks.  

Perhaps your luggage got lost or you just want to supplement your pieces with some locally sourced accessories.

Whatever your reasoning is for doing a last-minute shopping spree, this blog post will have you covered. We’re going to share our suggested places to shop in Tulum for your boudoir shoot.

Let’s get into it…

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What to Look For in Your Tulum Boudoir Wardrobe Pieces:

When doing a last-minute shopping trip, it’s important that you know what to look for in order to set yourself up for a successful photo shoot.  So, before we get into our shop recommendations, here are 3 things to look for in your pieces: 

  1. The Proper Fit: There is nothing more frustrating than putting something on right before shoot time and realizing that it does not fit properly.  So, make sure you have our At Home Wardrobe Fitting Guide on hand so you can run each piece through our fit checklist.  This will ensure your pieces fit properly and are maximum level flattering for your unique figure.
  2. Simplicity:  Because your images will be taken in our private Cenote location, we want to ensure that your outfits are complimentary to the backdrop of your shoot.  Outfits that are too busy may take the attention away from you and your environment.  So, it’s best to look for pieces that are simple and elegant. For some more specific wardrobe ideas, here are two my my favorite past Tulum blog posts for inspo.
    1. Tulum Style Wardrobe
    2. Tulum Wardrobe For All Comfort Levels
  3. Variation:  Having variation in your outfits helps us tap into different sides of your personality.  It also adds so much to your final products when you can see your confidence build during your photo shoot through each outfit.  Some ideas include body jewelry, a bikini, a one-piece bathing suit, a beach coverup, or a crocheted set.
    1. Visit our Tulum Boudoir Wardrobe Shopping Guide for more examples of styles that are best suited for your Tulum boudoir shoot. 
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Where to Shop in Tulum:

  • Bathing suits and beach dresses from ZIBÁ Atelier: (view here) 
    • ZIBÁ Atelier is one of the more high-end places to shop in Tulum.  They carry a range of styles that are unique, boho, and stunning.
  • Accessories from Pura Vida: (view here) 
    •  Pura Vida is a sweet boho shop that carries a small variety of accessories, skirts, and dresses.  This is a great place to visit to spice up your looks last minute.
  • Crocheted pieces, dresses, and bathing suits from La Pulga Boutique: (view here) 
    •  La Pulga is a small boutique that carries a variety of boho styles.  Their inventory tends to have a mix of statement pieces and simple basics like a bikini.
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Book Your Tulum Boudoir Shoot:

I’m so thrilled to share this beautiful place with more and more of you through your boudoir journeys.  

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