Birthday Boudoir Sessions

Birthday Boudoir Sessions

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Birthdays are a time to celebrate yourself and honor the powerful woman that you are. As I reach a new milestone by turning 40 this week, I’m doing some reflecting on the topic. 

As each year goes by, this day becomes less about partying with others and more about taking care of myself. 

I know many of you who have done a birthday boudoir session with me in Tulum, Downtown LA, or any of our other locations, can surely relate to this. 

(View our Brand Ambassador, Lorena’s 40th birthday shoot in Tulum!)

When we honor ourselves, we are building our self-worth and re-writing the narrative for how we choose to express our authenticity.  These are things that compound over time and lead to you owning the evolving wisdom within you.

This is one of the reasons that our boudoir sessions are the most incredible birthday gift to yourself.  

Every single time you look back on your images, they will remind you of that feminine strength that you channeled during your session.

Especially as women, aging is something we are taught to hide and be ashamed of.  We have the power to create our own traditions and reclaim what this special day means to us.

edgy desert boudoir photography los angeles

How we celebrate our birthday sets the tone for what we want to welcome more of in the coming year.

And, what feels most aligned with who I am right now is to be intentional.  This means taking this day to move slow, connect to the nature, and spend meaningful time with my close circle.  For a night cap, I’ll be reflecting on the things I am grateful for both personally and as your boudoir photographer.

In the spirit of birthday reflections, I want to share with you the 3 things that I am grateful for from the last year within our boudoir studio.

Last year was pretty epic…let’s explore why…

TULUM boudoir photographer

1) Destination Boudoir Photoshoots: 

Guiding my clients through their destination boudoir shoots in Tulum is one of my favorite things in the world.  It’s an honor to be able to introduce our world-class locations to you and create stunning pieces of art while we’re at it. 

Treating yourself to such a luxurious experience is not something that happens often.  Doing so in a location that takes your breath away is a pretty indescribable feeling.  

I am greatly looking forward to witnessing the magic that we create together in the coming year during these shoots…

los angeles boudoir photography

2) Returning Clients:

Having clients who return for their second, third, even fourth boudoir shoot is what photographer dreams are made of.  It is THE biggest compliment and the greatest gift to get to work with women who truly value boudoir photography and trust me to capture them in this very intimate way.

Life gets hectic sometimes. But, the fact that our studio is empowering women to take time to honor themselves, not just once but consistently, fills my heart.

“Just has my 2nd session with this amazing woman. Lindsay is kind, soothing and one of the best cheerleaders you could ask for. She always makes sure that you are comfortable, and that you know you are in a safe space with her. If you ever get the opportunity to work with her, do it You will be floored by how much confidence you gain from a session with her.”
Los Angeles Desert Boudoir Photography

3) Edgy Wardrobe Looks:

One of the many things that led me to become a boudoir photographer is my love for fashion.  I am fully obsessed with not only how beautiful some wardrobe looks can be, but more so how they can make us feel.

There is an instant shift in my clients energy when they step into that power outfit that they have been dreaming of wearing.  We all have that within us… sometimes it just takes some planning to bring it to the surface.

The last year was monumental in regards to our out-of-the-box boudoir looks.  We were able to get creative with more of you and help bring those visions you’ve been sitting on to life.

Have a vision for your boudoir photo shoot?  Let’s turn it into a reality… 

los angeles boudoir photography

The first step to booking your boudoir shoot is to schedule an information phone consultation with the studio.  During our call, we’ll chat through everything you need to know about your shoot (learn more about our customized payment plans) and select your session date if you’re ready. 

With Love, 


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