Body image & Boudoir

Body image & Boudoir

“I’m really self conscious…I don’t know if I can do this!”

As a boudoir photographer I hear this all the time from my clients and those inquiring about a photo shoot. It breaks my heart to hear people shying away from a boudoir experience because they think they are too self-conscious to be comfortable in front of the camera or that their body image is too poor to be captured well in photos.

The irony is that feeling self-conscious, having low self-esteem, and disliking parts of your body is the exact reason to experience a boudoir session, not the reason to avoid it.

Boudoir photos are life-long therapy.

Your photos are proof that you are valuable, strong, beautiful and worth it.

sexy miami boudoir photo shoot

Hardly anyone goes into their photo shoot feeling completely amazing about their body. From size 2 to size 22, everyone has their own insecurities.

All of my clients that come through my studio have something about their body that they don’t love. (Moms, I know you have a love/hate relationship with your belly- don’t worry, I’ve got all the right poses for you;).

No one is immune to insecurities. The key is letting yourself overcome them by not letting them take over your entire self-perception. Boudoir photography happens to be an incredibly powerful tool in helping us rebuild our self-perception. For many of my clients, it is the first time in their lives they are seeing how they look through someone else’s eye.

sexy miami boudoir photo shoot

A while back we wrote a post titled The Healing Power of Boudoir that explores the idea of boudoir photography actually being highly therapeutic. Many people are surprised that boudoir photography goes so much deeper than sexy, surface level photos. Time and time again, we’ve seen women rediscover themselves, transform and blossom into the next level version of themselves through this process. Here’s one excerpt from this popular post:

“Sexy doesn’t have to be showing your body in any capacity.

Confidence is sexy. Self assurance is sexy. Knowing who you are is sexy.

Showing up for your damn self is sexy. Far sexier than any piece of lingerie you’ll ever put on.

Trauma, heartache and abuse can strip a woman of all these amazing traits. I don’t think most people know that abuse comes in a million forms. It can be physical, emotional, psychological, mental, financial and on and on and on. Each of these breaks off pieces of who we are in order to cope or try to become who our abuser wants us to be. Then comes the big break! We leave and discover ourselves again. We slowly rebuild.”

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If you’re feeling not quite ready, self-conscious, unsure or any ounce of self-doubt, know that you’re in the perfect place and that this experience is made for you. The hardest part is showing up for yourself. The growth and transformation comes once you decide you’re worth it!

Here’s one client’s experience after almost cancelling her boudoir session due to fear:

“I had all the excuses, in particular my size. But with encouragement I finally booked a session. Lindsay is amazing. She made me feel beautiful from the moment she opened the door to me standing in scrubs, hair pinned up, no makeup after working an 8 hour day and driving over an hour and a half. From the beginning it was all about ME. It wasn’t about my kids, work, “what’s for dinner”, laundry, etc…it was just about me.

She helped me pick out wardrobe, never making me feel self-conscious about my weight. At times I even forgot about it myself.

It was the most incredible and freeing experience for me ever. To come out of a marriage in which I changed behind closed doors to opening myself up to a stranger speaks of just how caring and supportive Lindsay is.

Lindsay, I love you for what you gave me. My self-confidence.”

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