Body Jewelry in Tulum

Body Jewelry in Tulum

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When thinking about what to wear for your Tulum boudoir shoot, few things level up to a piece of body jewelry. 

Not only is a piece of body jewelry a stunning statement outfit for your boudoir images but there is something very spiritual about stepping into such a powerful ornament. Simply put, the elegance of these pieces helps you tap into your inner goddess and embrace a next level confidence.

Throughout history, wearing body jewelry has been regarded as a symbol of power and divinity. For example, in Kundalini tradition, wearing metals and jewels is thought to awaken the divine consciousness known as Chaitanya through awakening the chakras surrounding the jewelry.  In addition, it was believed that the jewels and metals provided energetic protection to the wearer.

Another spiritual layer behind the impact of wearing body jewelry during your boudoir shoot is that the weight of the piece has an acupressure effect that helps calm your nervous system by applying slight pressure to stores of stagnant energy in the body.

Talk about empowering!

I don’t know about you but after learning this info, I am ready to start rocking body jewelry as part of my everyday wardrobe.  

You with me?!

If you’ve been thinking about booking a boudoir shoot in Tulum or have one coming up, get excited because in this post we’ve put together some of our favorite and most photogenic pieces of body jewelry for you.

These pieces range in budget, coverage level, and style so we hope there is something for everyone to drool over in here.

Okay, let’s get into our body jewelry recs… 

Tulum boudoir photographer

I can’t wait to see you lovely ladies rocking these pieces surrounded by Tulum’s magical backdrops.

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