Boudoir Album Cost & more

Boudoir Album Cost & more

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Preparation helps put the mind at ease – That’s why we meal prep before a busy week at work, pack earlier than the day before a vacation, and clean our homes before the in-laws come into town.

I am sure you can relate 😉

The benefits of preparing can be seen far and wide across many areas of our lives.  And, like any meaningful life event, preparing for your Boudoir Experience will undoubtedly help you put your mind at ease and enhance the therapeutic benefits that come along with embarking on this incredible journey. 

One of the biggest “stressors” that I help assist my clients with is your Boudoir Investment.  Our goal is to help you let go of any lingering feelings of stress surrounding the financial side of your photo shoot by assisting you in setting up a financing option that is best suited for you. 

A stress-free investment… Sounds pretty luxurious, huh?

los angeles boudoir photos

This is why we offer all of our clients the option to finance your Boudoir Investment using our in-house payment plans. These customizable payment plans allow you to plan ahead by breaking up your image investment over time leading up to shoot day.

Throughout each step of your boudoir journey, you should be in a relaxed mental space that allows your inner goddess to shine so your photos can highlight your true essence.  

Bringing a sense of ease into the financial side of things helps us make that a reality. 

In my experience, a lot of women want to commit to a Boudoir Photography session but end up pushing it off because they want to have all of their ducks in a row before booking.  The truth is that very few women feel 100% ready to book a Boudoir Session when they make their reservations.

And it’s totally okay 🙂  To be honest, feeling a little bit unprepared is part of doing something outside of your comfort zone.  True preparedness comes through getting in touch with the studio, sharing your visions with us, and letting us help you bring them to life. 

With our payment plans, you can book your photo shoot up to a year in advance and begin paying for your dream collection in smaller installments as soon as you have your photo shoot date on the books.

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I recently had a client schedule her Boudoir Shoot with me in Tulum nine months from now, so she has plenty of time to break up her investment. She chose to schedule bi-weekly installments towards her image collection so she could make her payments alongside each of her paychecks.

This also allowed her to upgrade her Collection from what she originally thought would be within her budget.  Meanwhile, because of the nine-month timeframe she gave herself, she’s thrilled about how low her installments were!

This is just one example of how our payment plans can be customized to fit your budget, lifestyle, and dream products.  I’d love to chat with you about how your payment plan could better fit your individual needs!  

Book an obligation-free phone consultation with me to get started: Book a phone call

If you think about it, splitting up the cost for investments is the norm for everything else in our lives – Vacations, artwork, furniture, vehicles, handbags even!  So, it only makes sense that we should approach your Boudoir Investment with the same careful consideration.  You deserve to walk away with everything you want and more.  Not to mention, our studio’s in-house payments plans are interest free!

los angeles boudoir photography

Once session day arrives, things will feel very surreal as you finally are experiencing this moment that you have been planning for. And, I’ll be right by your side, encouraging you to soak in each moment and emotion.

It’s powerful to honor yourself through such a luxurious experience.  And, seeing the incredible feminine power that you radiate in your images will stick with you forever.  

After your session, once the photos are delivered to you and are in a cherished place in your home, every time you look at them—you will experience that visual therapy all over again.

That rush of warmth you feel when you look at the photos. The confidence boost it gives you. The giddiness and pride you feel for committing to reaching out about a Boudoir Session and following through!

And that’s just a glimpse of the therapeutic benefits of doing a Boudoir Photo Shoot.

During the session, you connect with yourself. But every time you look at the photos from that session, you reconnect with a version of yourself that you may not get to bring out every day.

And you will be reminded of who you truly are…

Imagine being your own source of inspiration? There is nothing more liberating, Love!

los angeles boudoir photography

Interested In Learning More About Our Customizable Investment Options?

I am currently booking October and November dates for LA and Tulum photo shoots are booked on an ongoing basis. Although October and beyond may seem like a while away, now is the perfect time to begin planning.

To get started, please schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation with me so we can book your photo shoot and discuss your specific needs. 

Much Love,


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