Boudoir Photo Albums and More

Boudoir Photo Albums and More

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We specialize in creating luxury, fine art products to display your beautiful boudoir photos.

Because, trust us…you’re going to want to show them off 😉

And, years from now, when you reach for your gorgeous photos, you’ll remember every ounce of the empowerment, confidence, and self-acceptance that was cultivated through your boudoir shoot.

In our digital age, I think we tend to forget how meaningful a tactile piece of art is… 

And that is what your images are – They are pieces of fine art that deserve to be showcased in a way that will not only elevate their impact but also preserve them for ages.

If you know me, you know that I do not mess around when it comes to quality.

Because why settle for less than the best?  Especially when we offer Our Customized Payment Plans to help finance your investment.

I’ve spent years researching to find the absolute highest quality products for my clients and I know, without a doubt in my mind, that they will blow you away.

When selecting the products that meet your desires, preferences and needs, I think it really helps to visualize how they may be displayed and used in the future. 

For that reason, I am going to walk you through each of our top 4 most adored products so you can start dreaming about what options might be best fit for you…

los angeles boudoir photography

Luxury Albums: 

Our Luxury albums are the best of both worlds. Made to be seen, they make for a stunning centerpiece on your nightstand, bookshelf or dresser and can also be tucked away easily under your bed or in your closet.

Our Albums feature remarkable archival pages with a lustre finish which makes all the important details in your images shine through.

We offer Albums in sizes 8×8″, 10×10″, and 12×12″ that come in our various print collections.

If you decide to invest in our Queen Collection, you’ll have the additional option taking home our 5×5 Velvet purse-sized album as a bonus!

All of our albums are lay-flat, meaning the seam between pages in a full spread won’t break up the images themselves. This is impactful when you have a full horizontal shot that you want to feature.  

We are also proud to offer all vegan options for our album cover material including stunning vegan leathers and linens in a gorgeous array of patterns and colors.

Albums serve as time-capsules that illustrate the evolution of your session as we move through your outfits and reach new layers of self confidence.

I’m sure you can see why our Albums are by far our most popular product option.

Collection Bonuses | LA Boudoir Photography

Luxury Metal Lex Trio:

The Luxury Metal Lex Trio is a collection of three of your favorite images printed on metal and mounted to white polyboard that brings extra impact to your image.  The metal foundation gives your wall art a stunning sheen that creates glowing skin tones and elevates the vividness in the colors and tones, while the matte finish of the polyboard serves to highlight the total WOW factor of these prints.

The Metal Lex Trio can be displayed together as a gallery on your favorite wall or separately around the house.

The Metal Lex Trio is a statement piece and one of our highest end products. This product is offered as both a stand-alone and also comes in our top Queen Collection, along with our 12×12 album and full digital gallery.

Most clients choose to hang their Metal Lex Trio as a set in their bedroom or bathroom but the options are endless!

I think the most impactful place to hang these gems is somewhere you’ll walk by everyday, especially first thing in the morning.

What better way to start your day than with a reminder of the goddess that you are?

los angeles boudoir photography

Vivid Metal Wall Art:

Similar in material to the Metal Lex Trio, our Vivid Metal Wall Art pieces feature your images printed on metal, yet the Vivid Metal Wall Art is a single image that stands alone and ranges in size.

This high impact product is most ideal for making a statement in that special space in your home… for example right over your bed.

Our Vivid Metal Wall Art selection ranges in size from 8×12″ – 40×60″ so you’ll be sure to find the perfect size to fit the space you may have in mind. This product also is included in our Basic, Classic and Signature Collections in various sizes.

Collection Bonuses | LA Boudoir Photography

Diamond Block:

Our Diamond Block is a client favorite!  This product features your image printed behind an acrylic block which diffuses the light on your image and creates a really beautiful visual effect.

There are so many different ways you can use your Diamond Block… here are just a few:

On your bedside table, on your desk at work, on your vanity, on your bathroom sink, in your closet, or displayed on a bookshelf. 

Diamond Blocks make such a great gift as well because they can be subtly placed in those spaces you see throughout the day to add some spice to your partner’s life!

This product is also one of our session bonuses that you can learn more about on our recent All About Session Bonuses blog post.

los angeles boudoir photography

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about our most adored products!  

I believe that it’s just as important that you walk away from your session feeling confident and empowered than it is to go into your session feeling that way… And having the most luxurious products showcasing your images is how we help achieve that. 

It is absolutely normal to not know what exactly you want. We are here to help inform you about your options and support you in making a decision that is best fit for you. 

If you are interested in learning more or are ready to book your boudoir shoot, please use the link below to book a phone consultation with the studio:

Much Love,


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