Boudoir Sessions in LA & Tulum: Client Reviews

Boudoir Sessions in LA & Tulum: Client Reviews

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Have you read any of the client reviews from our boudoir sessions in LA or Tulum?

One thing I do sometimes when I want to feel uplifted and extra empowered is actually peek over at our Google reviews…

Is it weird? Maybe. But reading what past clients have said about their boudoir session experience with us always lights up my day (life!)

The former counselor in me is so happy to read how uplifting and therapeutic our boudoir sessions really are.

I’m not one to brag, but I know that our boudoir experience is changing lives…and I’m so proud of that.

Today I’m sharing some of our top client shares, celebrating each and every one of these beauties and honoring the time we spent together, creating empowering art.

Hope you enjoy reading about their journey with us…

(p.s. our Los Angeles sessions this June are going fast! Visit our FAQ page to learn more & schedule a phone consult to connect and grab your date.)

boudoir los angeles
“Lindsay is a one of a kind artist! Not only was this an opportunity of a lifetime and I am so fortunate that I found Lindsay to be my photographer/model teacher. She walked me through every step of the way and made me feel extremely comfortable in my own skin. I would recommend Lindsay to anyone that is interested in wanting this experience. You are wonderful Lindsay! Wishing you nothing but the best for you and future clients!”

Amazing, empowering, confidence boosting experience. Lindsay herself is such a warm hearted, calm and talented woman! From the first time I spoke with her she made me feel comfortable and worthy. The day of the shoot was a little nerve wracking but she does such an amazing job of directing and photographing that as it goes on, the posing feels natural. Her make up artist is great too! I gave her an idea of what I wanted and I was blown away when I looked in the mirror. I have been inspired as a woman, I have gained self confidence as a woman, I have gained empowerment as a woman and as a human being. The photos are stunning! Lindsay, you are a true artist.” 

Los Angeles Boudoir photographer

“Every woman needs to celebrate their bodies without comparisons or reservations. We are all beautiful in our own way, perfectly and wonderfully made. No more hiding behind insecurities, shame or embarrassment as we have been conditioned to do. This is exactly what my boudoir journey was about for me and believe me, it was a journey.

From the time I made the decision to have the the photos taken, to booking the call, ordering my lingerie and finally going to the session as scheduled on my 42nd birthday, it was as if it was all made manifest and divinely guided from above.

The day of the shoot, we had some serious girl chat while I got my hair and make up done by the most amazing team and the session itself was a great experience. Lindsay is a pure professional and posing genius. Reveal day only solidified her amazing talent. My experience and photos are worth every cent! I absolutely love them and will always cherish them. Everyone who sees them (man or woman) are inspired.

If you ever considered having a boudoir session Lindsay is the best! I say do it. Do it for you. Do it just because. Do it and embrace the goddess within. You will not regret it!”

“Lindsay is amazing. I have wanted to do a boudoir shoot for a long time but have never felt comfortable enough to go through with it. She was so patient in answering all of my questions and really took time to address all of my fears and concerns. I know I am my own worst critic, Lindsay helped me to get past my fears and really made the entire experience amazing. This boudoir shoot really helped me to feel beautiful in my own skin. Lindsay is a master behind the camera. Not only is she kind she is skilled at posing women in a way that is beautiful, sexy and tastefully HOT. She is professional and her photographs are seriously top notch. I feel
that every woman should invest in themselves and this opportunity. It really changed the way I see myself. I did this photo shoot in order to gift my husband with the photos. It turned out to be a true gift for myself. Thanks Lindsay for providing me with this amazing gift. I can’t wait for my next boudoir session.”

Boudoir los angeles

“If you are looking into doing a boudoir photoshoot and on the search to find the best photographer, your search is over! LINDSAY CARLISLE is the one!! I have always wanted to do a boudoir shoot but never really felt I had the confidence to do one. After contacting Lindsay and having our first phone call, I immediately felt comfortable talking to her. She is sooo friendly and dearly sweet. As well, she’s very organized and resourceful with her work! From her website with amazing blogs to read, help prepping for the shoot, and inspirational photos and great reads. I am beyond thankful for taking action and booking a shoot with Lindsay!! My photos….you guys! WOW!!! I was looking at them, thinking to myself…”Dang, Who is she?!”….oooo, It’s ME!!! Just Phenomenal!! <3
All and all, THANK YOU so much Lindsay for the AMAZING photos that are a true gift to last me a lifetime & to Vanessa for the amazing hair and make-up!! Best investment I have ever made for some self love!!

Boudoir los angeles

I recently had the honor of booking a session with Lindsay. I had been admiring her art from a distance, each time she was in my area I so badly wanted to book a session, to be a part of that art, to create a story. Some how or another something held me back. Finally I had the courage to unmask myself. I had just hit 30 and figured let me honor the woman I am. It was the best gift I could have given myself. Lindsay has a true gift. As a single mother juggling life as it comes, putting myself on the back burner all while building on my insecurities, Lindsay had a way of me leaving all that behind. From the moment the session started her professionalism shined. She had a vision of every pose and made me feel so comfortable and beautiful the entire time. I had never felt more like a goddess and for that I could never thank her enough. I will cherish our session and whenever I doubt my worth, I have my story to look back on, I am enough!”

“Lindsay and her team are AMAZING!! They are so personable and strive to make sure you feel comfortable and safe. I was so nervous for my session but I left feeling more confident than I have in over 10 years. If you are thinking of scheduling a session with Lindsay, I say DO IT. You will not regret it.”

boudoir for men

“Lindsay was amazing!! I thought I would feel awkward but she made me feel comfortable and gave easy to follow instructions. I felt amazing and the pictures just WOW. I never thought I could look or feel so good.”

“I’m a plus size woman just out of a twenty-two year marriage with low self esteem. I heard of Lindsay from a friend and started following her, looking at photos and hearing stories from other women about their experiences. I paid the sitting fee but then chickened out. It took me about six months before I finally booked my session. I remember the night before my session I was looking at myself in the mirror and seriously asking myself why I would spend so much on photos when I look the way I do. I pushed the doubt out of my mind and committed to put all my trust into Lindsay. And you know what? It was the best, most liberating experience of my life! From the minute she greeted me at the door, she treated like her best friend. Lindsay has a unique gift of making a woman feel beautiful in her skin, no matter who she is. I left the session floating on a cloud. For the first time since my wedding over twenty-two years earlier, I had an experience that was just about ME. No one else mattered in those moments except me and Lindsay and her wonderful makeup artist making me feel beautiful. The photo reveal brought tears to my eyes as I looked at the pictures and saw what Lindsay saw. A sexy woman who now has self confidence. I highly recommend a boudoir session. It is a freeing experience for yourself.”
Tulum photo shoot

This was such an amazing experience! This is the first time doing this and I felt so empowered and beautiful as Lindsay walked me through every pose. To see the results were breathtaking! To actually see your outside finally match how you feel on the inside, there are no words! Thank you Lindsay, 5 stars are simply not enough. 10/10 experience!”

“Like many women, I have body image issues. Past trauma has made it difficult at times for me to look in the mirror. I forced myself to do the boudoir shoot because I thought it would be good for me. Lindsay is kind and gentle. She and her stylist were friendly and encouraging and raved about my look, even when I was avoiding it. Lindsay made posing easy! She physically demonstrated along with verbal direction. She asked for my input and respected my level of comfort. Lindsay asked if there was anything in particular I wanted to try and what was important to me. Despite my size (full figured, fluffy, chubby, thick etc.) she made me feel comfortable and as if I could do any pose, even the ones the thin women have done, and still look good doing them. Once my images arrived, it was difficult to see the beauty in them because for so long I’ve focused on the things about myself I don’t like. I pushed through that and embraced the beauty in Lindsay’s work. I realized many of the poses helped disguise the things about my body I don’t like (short fat legs, belly, fat arms etc) and focused on me as a whole, in a beautiful way. The lighting, poses, hair and make up combined with Lindsay’s encouragement resulted in a gallery of beautiful photos I am proud of and wouldn’t hesitate to share with friends. In the future, when I catch myself criticizing my looks, I’ll pull up my gallery and remind myself that my body is beautiful period. If you have body image issues or you’re a bigger girl and hesitant, do it! Lindsay will help you find beauty in yourself you’ve forgotten exists.”

What will your boudoir session review say? We can’t wait to share this empowering experience with you! Reach out here to learn more about our boudoir sessions in LA & Tulum.

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