Boudoir: What Not To Wear

Boudoir: What Not To Wear

The day of your boudoir session is your time to shine babe! It’s a day to reflect on where you’ve been, where you’re going and to celebrate the woman you’re transforming into with power, confidence and ease.

Having outfits for your session that you love is crucial. If I can give you one word of advice for session day, (besides EAT!), it’s pay attention to what you bring to wear.

Why? You’ll be enjoying your boudoir portraits for decades to come so it is ESSENTIAL that you love what you’ve got on.

While I do have a small collection of lingerie and other accessories that you can borrow from the day of, I still highly encourage my clients to bring items from home. This ensures you will have access to your own personal style no matter what.

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Here are some of the most important things to remember when gathering wardrobe for your boudoir session:


  • Bring at least 2 outfits that you feel comfortable and confident in. Ideally you will have 3 looks in your gallery. If you can only find 2 wardrobe pieces that you love, we can always fill in the gaps with our studio wardrobe or my personal favorite…nudity! Less is more.
  • Try on your chosen outfits at least several days prior to your session so you know that they will work for you! Do NOT wait until the day before or day of! This will only stress you out if you find that your wardrobe isn’t fitting you right and we want you to arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy your day.
  • Double check that there is no extra room in the cup of your bra, that you’re happy with how the sides of your bottoms hug your hips, that you do not feel self-conscious about how your wardrobe fits you and that everything is just your size. (No squeezing into pieces that aren’t meant for you!)
  • Make sure to choose outfits that fit your unique personal style. We want your images to reflect who you actually are and what makes you YOU, not someone that you think you should be. Feel like getting a bit extra with your outfits? I LOVE when my clients step outside the box. (See our blog post titled Unique Boudoir Wardrobe and view our Pinterest board for more unique oufit ideas)

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  • If you definitely want to wear lingerie, please bring a variety of styles and colors such as a 2 piece bra and panty set, a 1 piece bodysuit, fishnets, body jewelry, etc. We want versatility in your wardrobe.  In addition, some poses work better in certain types of outfits, so bringing 3 of the same type won’t serve you well nor will it give you the variety of poses and style that your gallery deserves.
  • Consider really going for it and shedding your inhibition for an implied nude or nude look. This is YOUR day to seize the moment and step outside of your comfort zone.  If you’re at all on the fence about nudity, just jump and go for it. With my expert posing guidance and relaxed shooting style you’ll forget you’re even naked;)


  • Bring lingerie with busy patterns. They distract from what we are really trying to capture in your images- YOU!
  • Bring your partner’s button down shirt (unless they are the same size as you). Oversized shirts are unflattering and do your body no justice. We want to accentuate your curves, not cover them up. Cute idea but not very flattering.
  • Have too many options- we really want to narrow down outfit choices to the absolute best of. Less is more and we can only give proper time and attention to UP TO 4 outfits (including a nude set).

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  • Think that you need to bring high heeled shoes.  While they are fabulous with certain poses, they are by no means a necessity (again, think, “is this really me?”)
  • Skip on getting your pedi and mani done! Your hands and feet actually make a huge appearance in your photos. A little pop of color on your nails goes a long way and brings a fun element to your gallery.

Those are my top tips when planning your boudoir wardrobe for your photo shoot. Stay tuned for another post soon featuring my favorite places to shop…

Much Love,


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