Bridal Boudoir in Los Angeles

Bridal Boudoir in Los Angeles

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A bridal boudoir session is the perfect gift to yourself and your partner to celebrate the start of your new chapter together.  Weddings are a celebration of love and growth, which is so aligned with the essence of our photo shoots.

Although the months leading up to the big day can be a whirlwind of planning and coordinating, our brides are always so relieved with how relaxing and rejuvenating their bridal boudoir sessions are.

They allow you to take a step back from all the wedding planning and reconnect with the why behind what brought you there in the first place.

Your photo shoot is ultimately about honoring your inner goddess… 

Sharing that side of yourself with your beloved is an intimate and priceless gift that will keep on giving for a lifetime.

And p.s… gifting your images to your partner is a great way to warm them up to the idea of doing a couple’s shoot ;)…

los angeles boudoir photography

Whether you are looking to surprise your partner with an Album on the morning of your wedding or surprise them with a Metal Wall Art piece when you get back from the honeymoon, we have the perfect selection of products for you to pick from to fit your needs.

The majority of our brides end up going with our Signature Collection because it comes with a 12×12″ Luxury Album, the choice between a 16×24″ Vivid Metal Wall Art or a Matching Little Black Book, 30 Image High Resolution Digital Collection, and a Custom Mobile App.

When sharing your images with your partner, the option of the Matching Little Black Book is so nice to have because it means you both can have a copy of your album.  

Which comes in handy when you have a long distance moment with travel or you just want to keep some for yourself.

los angeles boudoir photography

Another popular wedding gift, that I adore, is to line your High Resolution Digital Files up over the month prior to your session and send your partner one each day… then on your wedding day, share the entire album with them!

They are going to droooollll over your images.

Now, the key to this gift idea is to not share any details about the session with them until the final reveal… it’s no easy task, but it will drive them insane and seeing their reaction will make the anticipation worth it.

And make sure you catch the Album reveal on video 😉

If you are not sure about which collection or a la carte option will be best suited for you, not to worry!  We will talk through the different options and their perks during our initial phone consultation.

los angeles boudoir photography

When it comes to your bridal boudoir wardrobe, simplicity is key to communicate a timeless elegance in your photography.  

I think that white lingerie and minimal accessories like a veil, a necklace, and some thigh high stockings and garter belt is all you need.

For a nail color, depending on your personal style, a pop of a jewel tone color is a great way to spice things up yet a simple pale pink is stunning as well.

Like all of our sessions, the most important thing to look for in your pieces is that they reflect who you are and make you feel empowered beyond belief.

los angeles boudoir photography

The best time to book your bridal boudoir session is at least three months prior to your wedding so you have plenty of time to get your products and images back beforehand.

Whether you are looking to gather more information about a bridal boudoir session in Miami, Tulum, and Los Angeles or are ready to select your date, we would love to chat with you. Use the button below to book a phone consultation with us…

Talk soon Goddess!

Much Love,


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