Can I Bring a Guest?

Can I Bring a Guest?

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It’s a question that comes up all the time on our phone calls and it’s one we totally understand. 

Your Boudoir experience makes you nervous. It’s something outside of your comfort zone. Something you most likely have never done before. 

And you want your friend or partner there for moral support because you think your photo shoot is going to be soooo scary or intimidating…right? 😉

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But guess what? Your photo shoot is neither of those things. 

In fact, you’ll likely be very surprised just how comfortable you feel during your session with us.

We get it though. In fact, we’ve totally walked through things that have required the moral support of our best friend or partner. We know the thought of getting half naked in front of someone you just met feels waaay too far outside of your comfort zone.

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But we absolutely promise, doing it alone, is definitely the way to go and is going to lend itself to be an incredible experience.

Why do we insist that you experience your photo shoot solo?

Mainly it’s about protecting your experience, your energy and your overall excitement about your session. 

Your boudoir session experience is YOUR day and no one else’s. We want you and only you in the spotlight.

This is your day to shine!

And the truth is, you are enough. You don’t need anyone else at your photo shoot for moral support- because you have us seamlessly guiding you through it.

So while we love you and we want you to feel comfortable, we do not allow guests to be a part of this experience, unless you are shooting a couples session with your partner. Which we totally love to do! 

Being able to conquer your boudoir session solo will give you a huge boost of confidence. It’s the icing on the cake of your session. 

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Remember, your boudoir session experience is all about you. Overcoming obstacles and fears. Reminding yourself of your strength and beauty. Channeling that inner Goddess and evoking your innate power. 

We want you to embrace that and allow yourself to bask in it. To claim it.

This is one of the very few times in life that you get an opportunity to be the center of attention, and we want you to own it.

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This beautiful experience is so much about the ability to let go, be carefree, and not focus on anything except being in the moment. 

We don’t want anyone to distract you from maximizing that.

So while we love your excitement to bring a friend as moral support, we would rather you have the ability to bring you, all of you, and only you to your session. 

So let us help you make this the absolute best possible experience by trusting us, sharing your journey with us, and letting yourself enjoy this moment to the fullest extent possible. 

We promise it’ll be 1000% worth it.


Stina and Lindsay

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