Confidence Boost: Are You Ready?

Confidence Boost: Are You Ready?

Are you ready for your boudoir session?

This is a trick question darling.

I’m always surprised though, how much I hear comments like, “I want to do my boudoir shoot, but I’m still working on my confidence.”

Or, “I have to work through some of my insecurities before my shoot.”

“Wait, what??”…I wonder to myself…

Let me explain why I believe this way of thinking is totally backwards…

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While I do understand where this kind of thinking comes from, it is simply not how the boudoir experience works!

We assume that we need to already feel like a supermodel and have high levels of confidence in order to have our photos taken- that to achieve amazing boudoir photos we have to ‘look the part’ already.

Not even close my dear.

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It is easy to make excuses as to why we should wait to have our photos taken, but here’s why lack of confidence shouldn’t be one of them…

You gain confidence and blast through your insecurities by having your boudoir session. This is literally why almost all of our clients book their sessions with us. It’s not because they already feel confident, it’s because they want to feel confident.

So why is a boudoir session so empowering?

Well to start, anytime you step outside of your comfort zone and conquer your fears of doing something new and nerve-wracking, your confidence skyrockets. Just showing up for yourself by having a boudoir shoot, you are programming your mind to know that YOU are worth it.

Then, the experience itself. Many women think they won’t be able to look as good as the women they see on our Instagram feed. Guess what? Most of those women felt the exact same way before their boudoir shoot.

Our clients are consistently shocked by how many photos they love from their session.

The hardest part of this whole experience is just showing up for yourself.

Once we get going on session day, the nerves vanish, our clients feel supported throughout their shoot, they move through all of the poses with ease (with lots of demos and encouragement from me) and in comes all the confidence!

A while back we published a post on the Healing Power of Boudoir Photography. There we explore the idea of boudoir photography being a form of therapy and how powerful this work is for so many of our clients. (fun fact: Did you know I have my M.A in counseling? My educational background has everything to do with my I chose boudoir as a photographic genre).

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No one has all the answers nor is anyone immune to confidence issues. If we wait though until we’ve ‘worked through’ all of our blocks and insecurities then that boudoir shoot will literally never happen.

And let’s be honest here, you want those hot photos of you to admire decades from now. Every woman does.

My clients almost always schedule their photo shoots with me because they want a confidence boost and because they are working on their insecurities. Not because they’ve already conquered all their demons. One client wrote:

“I recently had the honor of booking a session with Lindsay. I had been admiring her art from a distance, each time she was in my area I so badly wanted to book a session, to be a part of that art, to create a story. Some how or another something held me back. Finally I had the courage to unmask myself. I had just hit 30 and figured let me honor the woman I am. It was the best gift I could have given myself. Lindsay has a true gift. As a single mother juggling life as it comes, putting myself on the back burner all while building on my insecurities, Lindsay had a way of me leaving all that behind. From the moment the session started her professionalism shined. She had a vision of every pose and made me feel so comfortable and beautiful the entire time. I had never felt more like a goddess and for that I could never thank her enough. I will cherish our session and whenever I doubt my worth, I have my story to look back on, I am enough!”

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The only pre-requisite here to a boudoir shoot is the desire to up your game and the willingness to commit yourself to deeper empowerment and self-love. That’s it! Promise.

The rest of it…the posing, the best angles, the best lighting, the outfit selection, the skin retouching, the grooming, the tummy you don’t love, the “will I look sexy enough” self-doubt…that is all for me to manage as your boudoir photographer. And babe, I’ve got you and I’m in your corner.

So to answer that trick question for you, “Are You Ready?”, I’ll just let you know that the answer is yes;)


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