Day Trips from Tulum

Day Trips from Tulum

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Joining us in Tulum for your boudoir photo shoot? While our clients often fly into Mexico solely for their photo session, we definitely encourage you to consider staying a few extra days in Tulum. There are endless opportunities to explore!

It is impossible to visit all of the areas of interest in the Yucatan Peninsula or even just the Riviera Maya in one short vacation. There are so many pre-Hispanic sites, as well as countless historical and natural wonders to be seen. We will cover a few of our favorites that can’t be missed here…

Coba is a lesser-known archeological site than the ruins of Tulum. It is a perfect day trip and only 45 minutes from Tulum.

We suggest starting early before the buses come and before it gets too hot as there isn’t much shade at Coba.  Coba is an archeological site a little less than an hour from Tulum and is located deep in the jungle between two lagoons. There are multiple pyramids and structures at Coba and it is a great place to get exercise as the highest pyramid in the Yucatan Peninsula, Nohoch Mul, is located a good walk or tricycle ride into the site location. It is one of the few pyramids you can still climb if you dare the 120 steep stone steps! From the top, you are above the canopy of the jungle and it feels like you’re on top of the world.

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(TIP: bring spending pesos in cash to shop at the ruins, villages and the stretch of road between Tulum and Coba. There are some amazing markets to buy truly traditional handcrafts at a much lower price than the tourist areas. Don’t miss the natural products in the Honey Store!)

Several cenotes surround Coba to refresh in after your steep climb. For more on our favorite cenotes near Coba, read our post, Best Cenotes Tulum.

While you are in the area, there are wonderful traditional Mayan villages to visit. A short way from the ruins is the Punta Laguna Monkey Reserve where you can cool off in the lagoon, see Spider and Howler Monkeys, and participate in a sacred Mayan ceremony. Further down the same road heading into the deep jungle you can visit Nuevo Durango, another Mayan village with a farm to table restaurant, closed cenote with a spectacular swallow presentation, an animal sanctuary with local species, and even explore the dry caves that are completely dark but breathtaking.

TIP: bring donations of clothes, school supplies, shoes with you to give to the families of the villages there.

If you want to stay closer to Tulum, you won’t be disappointed in the selection of eco-trips nearby. Kaan Luum used to be a locals´ secret but even with its rising popularity, it is still stunning. Kaan Luum is known for its unique center, a cenote! (See our recent blog on local Cenotes to visit.) The calm water and its shallow water, make it great for kids or even paddleboarding. If you want to swim in a cenote, you will have to go to another location. The cenote in the middle is very deep and has currents so it is corded off but is still a unique sight to see and you can definitely swim in the more shallow waters of the lake.


Sian Ka´an Biosphere is one of the major advantages of being in Tulum. This World Heritage site is the home to thousands of species of flora and fauna. There are many tours you can take there including open water boat tours where you often see manatees or dolphins! The unique floating tour down the ancient Mayan canals is relaxing and spectacular as you float your way through the mangrove and witness the variety in nature, especially the range of birds species for which the biosphere is known for worldwide. There is a lesser-known archeological site, Muyil, that is located there where you can visit the Temple of the Goddess to help coax out your inner one before your boudoir shoot!

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TIP: All of these day trips are within an hour or less of Tulum. It is easy to rent a car for the day or for your entire stay to visit these to avoid the higher costs of crowded tours. At each site, there are guides at the entrance if you want a more informed tour. It is always nice to support the locals and the communities directly.

Don’t be caught off guard on your day trip! Here is a basic list of what you should take with you.

  • Light clothes that are cool and comfortable
  • A bathing suit to enjoy a cenote or lagoon.
  • Sunglasses
  • Biodegradable sunscreen and bug spray.
  • Beach/tote bag
  • Hats
  • Sandals/and comfortable tennis shoes
  • Plenty of water to drink

(there will be places to buy water and snacks but for the in-between treks it is better to be prepared)

We hope you’ve picked up some valuable ideas to consider during your time in Tulum. Remember, when coming for your boudoir session with us, don’t forget to pack your sexy swimwear, sheer cover ups and other accessories for your photo shoot, in addition to the list above.

See you in Tulum!

Much Love,


p.s. Need info on our Tulum photo experience? Schedule a call with us to learn more or to make your advanced reservation.



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