Let’s face it. We all have insecurities, little isms and qualms about our bodies that a lot of times only we see. Some of us are moms and some of us are carb lovers and both of these magical things can lead to unwanted puffy tummies. I’m not here to give you a guilt trip or a new diet. I’m here to help you shop for your boudoir session with ease!

san francisco boudoir

I’ve done a bit of research and have found some lingerie and sexy skimpies that help mask a not so taut tummy. Like I said in one of my latest posts “eat that dessert” (See full post HERE). So I have a few favorite sites for size xs-xxl. of course is a go to because they’re so great with social media marketing and they’re reeeally in your face- so it’s hard not to take a peek. My ultimate all time favorite tummy banishing piece is their bandage style garter belt set. It resembles a skirt and it pulls you in in all the right places like the tummy and the waist- which is an added bonus. It comes in 3 colors and is currently on sale for $8!! You win and you’re welcome!

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My next favorite has been around forever and it is Frederick’s of Hollywood. I adore Frederick’s because their pieces are so well made and fit extremely well. You always get exactly what is pictured, no surprises. The first lingerie set I ever bought was from them so they have a special place in my heart. I felt like a beautiful woman when I put on that first set on. A chemise is always a great choice because it’s a full piece and gives lots of smoothing where needed. They have a bra built in so you also get some booby action. LOVE!

The Cassidy satin chemise or, if you’re daring, the Regan vegan leather zip down chemise, are beautiful body loving choices. All of these can be worn with stocking or without. They might be cliche’ but I love them because just like a wedding dress- when do you get to wear stockings and a garter?

los angeles boudoir

Lastly, another fabulous piece for embracing our tummy is a lacy boy short and a bralette. Boy shorts make booties look bangin’! Boy shorts come in regular and thong and can be low cut or high-waisted. A bralette also covers a bit more up top if you want some extra coverage.

As a curvy lady, in the past it was a lot harder to find lingerie that fit well and was actually made for my curves! We used to have to go out and find a specialty store or go to Victoria’s Secret which, let’s face it- doesn’t always cater to real women of ALL shapes and sizes. I’m happy to say we have so many options these days. From the pieces I’ve selected below to the studio wardrobe we have on hand for you- we’ve got you in this 😉

Bandage-style garter belt set from Yandy

Cassidy satin chemise from Frederick’s

Regan Vegan Leather zip-down chemise from Frederick’s

Lacy boy short and bralette from Shein

Lindsay’s studio is based in Oakland, California and we can’t wait to meet you there soon! Drop us a note about reserving your boudoir session HERE.

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Beauty Dept, Lindsay Carlisle Boudoir Studio