Embrace Your Power Through Wardrobe

Embrace Your Power Through Wardrobe

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With Halloween approaching, I’ve been thinking about all the incredible outfit ideas I have for our sessions.

Although we totally embrace the traditional lingerie look, there is something so powerful about getting creative with your wardrobe pieces and thinking outside of the box.  

This can mean accessorizing that flattering bodysuit, rocking a harness or piece of body jewelry, or bringing a bold and unique look to life.

Wardrobe helps you get into character during your shoot, just like a costume. 

And guess who your character is?!

It’s you – It’s the empowered, confident, and sultry version of yourself that we want to highlight in your boudoir images.

Sometimes my clients are the true creative masterminds behind their bold session outfits, and other times it’s truly a group effort.  

So if you have an idea for a look but don’t know if it will translate well on camera or need help sourcing pieces, just let us know during your phone consultation and we can talk through the logistics!

No idea is too bold or unique 🙂

Tulum Boudoir Photos

If you’re already a member of our women only group on FB, I’m sure you’ve seen me share some of the looks that I come across and inspiration from our recent sessions. 

We are always coming up with new ideas to bring some extra flare to our shoots and love hearing what you ladies think about them!

The outfits that you choose are a catalyst that helps you get into the zone.  So, putting some time and intention into what you are going to wear for your shoot will transform your whole photo shoot experience. 

And those clients with powerful wardrobe looks that you see from our past sessions did not just find those in their closets the morning of shoot day.  

Although I’d love to see what the rest of their closet looks like…

LA Boudoir Glamour Photos
LA Boudoir Photos Ideas

All of my clients use our pre-session prep materials along with our past blogs (and my team of course) to navigate picking out their dream shoot wardrobe options.  

Our pre-session prep materials include a detailed wardrobe guide that has direct links to our favorite places to shop, some tips for mood boarding, and more…

After years of building our session experience to perfection, you best believe we’ll have your back throughout each step of the way. 

Here are some of our favorite past wardrobe blogs:

Tulum Destination Boudoir Shoot

Ready to talk about our photo shoots in Los Angeles or Tulum?

Simply schedule your phone consultation below and we will talk through any questions you may have, walk you through the process, and select your boudoir session date if you’re ready. 

There is no better time than now to tap into your inner goddess and celebrate your beautiful self.



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