FAQ: The Boudoir Experience

FAQ: The Boudoir Experience

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So you’re considering a boudoir session, but you have questions. How does this all work? What do I wear? What should I NOT wear? Will I look awkward??

We know there’s a lot to consider when it comes to planning your boudoir session. Most of our clients have never had one before and nerves tend to run high pre-session. The good news is we’ve got you in this and with a little bit of prep work prior to your photo shoot, you’ll be smooth sailing into one of the greatest, most confidence-boosting experiences of your life.

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A while back we wrote this post What Not To Bring– a succinct guide to making your session work best for you! Take a read and then review our newest FAQ below:

Q: What should I wear to my session?

A: Your boudoir session includes 3 outfit changes. Most of my clients bring 2 pieces of lingerie (for example 1 bodysuit and a 2 piece bra and panty set) and then more often than not they go nude or partially nude for their third look. Though I always encourage my clients to go for it if they’re on the fence about it (you only live once), going nude is entirely up to you and your comfort level.

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Q: Do you provide wardrobe for your clients?

A: I do have a lingerie collection that you are welcome to borrow from, with pieces ranging in size from XS to 3X. Just let me know at the time of booking your session if you wish to borrow from the client wardrobe so I can gather pieces in your size. Our studio wardrobe contains a TON of bodysuits (universally flattering!) and body jewelry.

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Q: What if I don’t know how to pose myself?

A:  Totally normal. You’re not at all expected to know how to pose. That’s MY job;) I’ve studied and practiced boudoir photography for nearly 5 years, perfecting my poses for every body type. I provide full, detailed posing instruction throughout your session, physically demonstrating every pose myself. I’ll never let you look awkward, promise.

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Q: How do your payment plans work?

A: Monthly financing is available through Square Installments. Square offers plans ranging from 3 months to 1 year- you choose the plan that works best with your needs and budget. It’s super easy, flexible and you get to make small payments toward your photos while still enjoying them right away.

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Q: What if I don’t want to apply for Square or I’m not approved?

A: My studio also offers an in-house payment plan. This plan is much shorter in length than what Square offers and serves more as a last resort of payment plan options. With our in-house plan you pay 50% down payment of your desired collection pre-session and then the remaining 50% within 60 days after your session. Your photo products and digital images are delivered at the completion of your plan.

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Q: Where is your studio actually located?

A: I know, it’s kind of confusing huh? 😉 I am a traveler at heart and love working with women and couples from all over the world.

My home base is Tulum, Mexico where I now offer sessions year round. I also offer sessions in Miami and Los Angeles. Dates are limited outside of Tulum so do be sure to check the calendar for my next travel dates near you!

Have more questions? Let’s chat! Reach out here to schedule a call.

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