Get Your Nails Done on Your Boudoir Studio

Get Your Nails Done on Your Boudoir Studio

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Did you know that you can get a complimentary mani/pedi on us?

In fact, a complimentary mani-pedi is one of our many adored collection bonuses that we offer to our clients.

Meaning, when you pre-purchase your desired collection 60 days or more in advance, you will get to choose from our list of comped bonuses to add onto your boudoir experience or photo collection, at no extra cost to you!

Our recent blog post, Collection Bonuses & Pre-Payment Perks, explains the requirements and benefits of taking advantage of our advanced pre-purchase options.  In that post, we also share our full list of bonuses, which includes perks like a 12 month calendar, extra images, our Diamond Block, and so much more…

So, whether you have a session on the books or are thinking about getting in touch (you can do so here), be sure to give that post a read to learn how our bonus system works.  We want to give you the best of what our studio has to offer. 

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Bonus Feature: A Complimentary Mani-Pedi

Getting your nails done prior to your boudoir session is a must.  In doing so, you’ll achieve a more polished, elegant look and the pampering of going into your favorite salon gets you into a relaxed, self-loving mindset for your shoot.

Ran out of time pre-shoot for a mani/pedi?

Treat yourself post boudoir session to celebrate! We rarely think about the benefit of getting your nails done after your photo shoot as well.  After your boudoir shoot, it can be really easy to fall back into old patterns but having that “me time” accounted for affirms the self-love and empowerment that is cultivated during your time in the studio.

Another Adored Bonus...

Another of our sought-after collection bonuses is our 12-Month Calendar.  This product option features 12 of your favorite images printed on an archival-grade calendar.

This product makes the most adorable gift for yourself or your partner, especially for the new year or Valentine’s Day!  And, don’t worry if you missed one of these hallmarks. Our calendars can start at any month of the year. So for example, if you are having a June session with us and we order your calendar in June after your reveal session, then the first month of the calendar will be July.

If you are saving this bonus as a gift to yourself, you are going to love the year’s worth of reminders of how beautiful and confident you are.  And, if you are gifting this bonus to a partner, they are going to be blown away with the thoughtfulness and allure that this gift represents. 

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Ready to lock in your collection bonuses?

Our phone consultations are a time to get to know our studio, learn more about what to expect, and talk through what financing option is best suited for you. We offer customized payment plans in addition to our pre-payment options.

Please use the link below to book a 20 minute phone consultation with us at a time most convenient for you.

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P.s. Interested in joining a community of like-minded women centered around empowerment and the art of boudoir photography?! Join us in our VIP community on Facebook (join here)!

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