Getting Out of Your Head & Into Your Body

Getting Out of Your Head & Into Your Body

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Tulum is a soul-filled destination, filled with eco-conscious yoga studios, wellness retreats, and laid-back travelers from all over the world who are looking to disconnect from the noise and tune into their innermost selves

And yes, Tulum is also known for it’s world-class parties, but it offers so much more than that.

The essence of Tulum instantly spoke to my soul two years ago when I made the decision to base myself in Tulum and make it my sanctuary.  

Having the privilege of waking up to Tulum’s mystical atmosphere, most every morning, has drastically transformed how I see the world and more importantly how I choose to honor myself.  

Just yesterday I was catching up with a friend and sharing with her how life had changed since my move to Tulum. Compared to when I first arrived to Mexico in 2019, my stress levels are way down and I find I can more fully rest here.

Traveling for our photo shoots every month, it is essential that I have a place to go afterwards where I can unwind and re-charge. Tulum is perfect for the kind of rest my body needs, and even more so for practicing exceptional self-care when I’m not working with my clients.

Living in Mexico has also taught me that the most important moments in our lives are the ones that happen when we are most present – with ourselves, our bodies, and those around us.  

This sense of presence is something that I didn’t fully understand the value of until I began to investigate where this shift within me had stemmed from.  I began to notice that I was living more joyfully and my clients were leaving their sessions GLOWING with self-love and inspiration… even more so than before. 

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I realized that it was all rooted in presence; and a major catalyst for this shift was Tulum’s vibrant yoga community that I had immersed myself in.  

At its foundation, yoga is a practice that is designed to facilitate a personal transformation no matter the experience level of the practitioner.  Similar to boudoir, it gets you out of your head and into your body – allowing you to become present with your true and instinctual nature.

“A soul without a body is like a bird deprived of its power to fly” – BKS Iyengar

I sometimes tell my clients that a boudoir shoot is just like a sexy yoga class… all joking aside, this couldn’t be more true. When we are flowing from pose to pose in your boudoir shoot, you are becoming more attuned to your body and soul, similar to the postures in yoga. 

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Needless to say, you do not have to be an experienced yogi to do a boudoir shoot.  My job is to meet you where you are at and guide you through poses that are catered to be both flattering and accessible to your unique figure.  You can, however, expect to greet the edge of your comfort zone, with my support and guidance, and learn how to move and breathe through it. 

I promise that what is on the other side is absolutely remarkable.

When booking your Tulum Boudoir Shoot, I highly recommend preparing your itinerary in advance to soak up as much of Tulum’s beauty as possible.  

Over the years, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite sights on the blog such as: Best Cenotes Near Tulum, Day Trips from Tulum, and 5 Places You Must Visit in Tulum – and I suggest adding a local yoga class to your itinerary as well or perhaps staying at a yoga retreat!

Some of our recommendations:

Azulik Maya Spa: This is by far one of the most breathtaking sanctuaries in Tulum and is known for their unparalleled architecture and art.  They offer accommodations as well as daily yoga classes every morning.

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Tribal Tulum: With drop in classes available daily, Tribal Tulum offers a variety of class types for all experience levels and preferences.  They also offer online classes if you want to get to know them prior to your trip! 

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Yäan Healing Sanctuary: Hosting classes weekly at 10:00 am Thursday through Sunday in their Tree Top Yoga Shala, Yäan is designed to be a holistic cleansing space that will undoubtedly leave you feeling revitalized. 

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Interested in booking a boudoir shoot in Tulum, Mexico? We would love to guide you through your experience!  Book your phone reservation with us (book here) and we’ll walk you through what to expect, answer any questions you may have, and select your date if you’re ready.

We can’t wait to meet you in Tulum!

Much love, 


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