How to Achieve Tasteful Nude Boudoir Images

How to Achieve Tasteful Nude Boudoir Images

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Being photographed nude during your boudoir session is a liberating experience that will empower you to see your body as a work of art. 

It’s imperative that you know and trust that you will be portrayed in the most tasteful light and flattering poses possible should you decide to go nude for your boudoir photos.

“But what about all my cellulite?”, you might be wondering. Babe, don’t even worry…we’ve got you.

I know that being fully exposed while having a camera pointed at you may sound like an intimidating situation.  But I promise, it’s quite the opposite in reality!  We will be communicating constantly throughout your session to make sure you are comfortable with how you are being photographed. 

I’ll also be showing you an image or two on the back of the camera as you move from pose to pose so you’ll get instant reassurance that your photos are turning out more incredible than you could have imagined. 

There are a few different things that we do behind the scenes when taking nude photographs to help ease you into the experience and keep things tasteful.  In this post, we are diving into 5 of those things!  Let’s get into it…

Artistic Nude Boudoir Wardrobe Los Angeles

#1.) Draping Satin Sheets:

Draping satin sheets or a satin scarf is a sophisticated way to do partial or implied nude photographs.  Many women prefer to start out with partial or implied nude photographs and decide in the moment if they are comfortable enough to do some fully nude photos.  

I find that many clients change their mind during the shoot after the first few poses. Why?  Once we warm up and your inner goddess begins to shine, you may find yourself feeling comfortable enough to expand on that feeling of confidence.  And of course, there is never any pressure to drop any more layers than you want to!

orange county boudoir photographer

#2.) Using Hand Placements for Coverage:

Using different hand placements in a pose is another way that we can achieve a partial or an implied nude effect.  Whether you want more or less coverage than the woman in the photo below, we can make slight shifts in your hand placement to customize the poses to meet your comfort level and desires. 

On top of that, having your hands on your body is intimate and can help you feel more in-tune with yourself as your shoot progresses. 

orange county boudoir photographer

#3.) Playing with Light and Shadows:

This is an alluring technique that we will use if you want to keep the attention on a particular area of your body without exposing everything at once.  For example, maybe you’d like to capture some photos of your bare chest or just your booty.  Using light and shadows gives us more control over what you are sharing in your images and adds an artistic vibe to your photographs.  

Our Downtown LA studio gets the most perfect sun exposure to create this effect!

Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer

#4.) Wearing Accessories:

Playing around with accessories such as body jewelry, harnesses, and necklaces can cover the most intimate parts of you while still having the allure and empowerment of a fully nude image.  On top of that, having the additional focus point can help to bring more sophistication to your images.

In the client closet, we have a small collection of body jewelry and accessories that you can use in your images.  Or, in a past blog post, view here, we featured some of our body jewelry recommendations if you’d like to start a collection of your own!

#5.) Exploring Subtle Shifts in Posing:

When taking nude photographs, exploring subtle shifts in our posing help us be extra intentional about how your body is being captured.  During your photo shoot, I will be directing you through the slightest little movements that will alter what’s visible in your images and how the light is hitting your body.  Sometimes these poses can feel a little funny to hold because you have no idea how they are going to translate.  But, once you see them on the back of the camera, you will be blown away by how artistic your body is in its most pure form.  

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