How to Feel Confident About Your Body

How to Feel Confident About Your Body

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So you booked your boudoir session, it’s coming up soon and you’re starting to get reeeally nervous. Don’t worry, we’re sharing our top tips on how to feel confident about your body and boudoir session!

It’s normal to feel nervous and insecure leading up to your photo shoot, especially if you’ve never had one before.

Sooo many doubts can come up when we’re approaching our boudoir session, like “Will I know how to pose?”, “Will I feel totally uncomfortable?”

I totally get it.

Whether you’ve had multiple boudoir sessions or are a first-time boudoir client, our levels of confidence can waver around the time of our boudoir session.

So along with our free guide, 20 Tips to Nail Your Boudoir Session, we’ve compiled some simple ideas for you below to help you radiate confidence and leave you feeling prepared for your photo shoot:

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  1. Choose a photographer you trust: It’s important to feel comfortable and at ease with your boudoir photographer. You are going to be half-naked in front of them after all! You really want to work with a boudoir photographer that you like on a personal level and someone who makes you feel relaxed and safe. Your photographer should also be open to your ideas for your session. It’s important to actually talk with your photographer before you book your boudoir session to ensure it’s a good fit, which is why our studio requires phone consultations when booking your session.

  2. Set your boundaries: Before the shoot, think about what you are and are not comfortable with in terms of wardrobe and posing styles. Communicate your ideas to your photographer and make sure that they respect your wishes. If you don’t want to be nude or partially nude at all for your session, that is totally OK! It’s all up to you and your comfort level. Your boudoir session is about capturing you and your essence and expressing your personal style. Make sure you’re expressing your needs and ideas before the photo shoot so that you can feel comfortable knowing you’re on the same page as your photographer.

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3. Do your research: You should definitely do your research and ensure that your photographer’s portfolio matches the style that you have in mind for your photos. For example, my clients usually come to me because they want artistic and elegant boudoir photos with warm, sultry light and sexy yet subtle posing (not as sexual as some boudoir photographers). My clients know my signature style and more importantly, they know this is what they want for their own gallery. Trusting your photographer’s style will leave you with full confidence going into your photo shoot that your photographer knows what they are doing and that there will be no surprises when you see your final gallery (besides being shocked by how many photos you love;)

4. Practice self-care: Leading up to the shoot, do the things that make you feel good about yourself. A boudoir session is one of the ultimate forms of self-care and you’ll want to get into this mindset the weeks leading up to your photo shoot. Eat well, move your body, dance, exercise, meditate, get a massage- do things just for you, because that’s what the whole boudoir experience is all about. You’ll want to come into your boudoir session feeling centered in yourself and ready to celebrate!

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5. Choose wardrobe that makes you feel confident and beautiful: You’ll want to feel like a Goddess on the day of your boudoir session. Is lingerie not your thing? While boudoir sessions are traditionally lingerie focused, it’s OK if you want to think outside the box. Plenty of our clients wear dresses, skirts, fitted button downs, leather jackets, and other non-lingerie looks because they feel really good in them. Boudoir sessions should be about you expressing YOU, not what you think is appropriate or “normal” for your wardrobe.

6. Focus on what you love about yourself, not your flaws: During the photo shoot, try to focus on the things you love about yourself and your body. Whether it’s your smile, your eyes, your butt- whatever it may be, we’re here to celebrate you. Keep the negative self-talk at home, because it’s not welcome in our studio babe! Boudoir session day is one of the most uplifting and confidence boosting days you’ll ever have and we consciously achieve that for you by keeping our environment positive and fun. 

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