Confidence and Your Boudoir Session

Confidence and Your Boudoir Session

So you booked your boudoir session and it’s coming up soon.  You’re starting to have second thoughts and are wondering, “Am I really doing this?!” Don’t let those pre-session nerves get to you!  Follow my 10 tips to Feel Confident for your Boudoir Session and you’ll be feeling ultra prepared for this experience of a lifetime.

1. Trust the expertise of your photographer

Let’s be real…if you booked a boudoir session with me (or with another photographer), you did so because you trust our skills and experience, have heard other’s success stories (check out what our past clients have said HERE), and value our artistic style, eye for lighting, and mastery of posing ALL body types. If you haven’t examined those areas yet, I encourage you to! Get familiar with your photographer’s work.

I can’t speak for other boudoir photographers, but I know that in my studio hundreds of women have walked out of their session
feeling excited, rejuvenated, more confident, and more in love with themselves than ever before. Trust that you are in good hands and that this will be your experience too.

2. Get plenty of sleep

I stopped serving champagne at my boudoir sessions for the same reason that I ask you to get plenty of sleep- I want you to feel well rested, alive, and present. Having your photos taken is a powerful experience and much like the way alcohol will numb the power of that experience, a lack of sleep will as well. Be sure to get to bed early the night before and refrain from alcohol the day or two before your session. This will ensure your skin glows, your eyes sparkle, and will give you the energy you’ll need to move through our sequence of poses.


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3. Drink water, not coffee

If coffee makes you feel anxious and jittery, Don’t over-do it the day of your session! This will only amplify your nerves. Know your caffeine limits and hydrate like crazy! Your skin will thank you.

4. Feel yourself

If you’re feeling disconnected, take a few moments to touch yourself. Lie in bed and Run your hands up and down your body. get comfy with it. Stretch, dance, practice yoga, meditate, exercise, have sex. Whatever makes you feel more connected to the skin you’re in- do it.

5. Ask for support if you need it

You are not alone girlfriend! I am always here to answer your questions and concerns prior to your Boudoir session date. You’re encouraged to reach out anytime something comes up that you want to chat about or even if you just need a pre-session pep talk. I’m available by email and phone to connect and I especially love putting voices to names pre-session date. You’ve got my digits, so use them 😉


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6. Remember your WHY- why you chose to book your session

This is a big one…and everyone has a different WHY. Whether it’s celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary, hitting your goal weight, surviving a difficult transition, or honoring your self-love journey- remember that in booking your boudoir session you chose to show up for yourself.  Remember the value in honoring your story in photographs and that this is SO much more powerful than any silly nerves that might show up for you on session day. You’ve got this.

7. Practice the poses

My BOUDOIR POSING GUIDE: 5 Essential Poses and How to Master Them is a fabulous head start on learning how to nail some of the poses we’ll do in the studio. Practice these 5 poses at home a few times and by the time it’s ready for your session you’ll feel like a pro.


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8. Practice self care

This should go without saying and apply to any day of the week, but I want you to pay special attention to self-care the days leading up to your session. Be good to yourself. Do the things that help you feel more connected to your body and soul. For me, this means eating well, drinking lots of water, spending time in the sauna, practicing yoga, and getting 9 hours of sleep every night. Do all those things that make you feel like a goddess.

9. Try on your wardrobe several days before your session

I cannot stress enough- TRY ON the lingerie that you plan to bring to your session BEFORE your session date! Make sure you like the way it fits you and that it FEELS like something you would wear. If it’s not your style, don’t even think about trying to wear it. Your wardrobe should reflect who you are, NOT what you think a boudoir or lingerie model should look like. Also, know that I do have a studio wardrobe on hand for you to supplement the pieces you bring from home. If lingerie isn’t your jam then don’t bring any! Plenty of my clients opt to do an entire nude session.

10. Read about other’s experiences

Accept that nerves are normal. The fear of the unknown can do strange things to us, but know that others have felt the same going in and would do another session again in a heartbeat. Many of my clients have had literal life-changing experiences in my studio. Read what others have said about their boudoir session experiences. Know that your experience will also be powerful.

I hope you’re feeling inspired to move beyond the fear and own your boudoir experience. As always, I’m here to answer any questions.  Connect with me Here!