How to Nail Your Boudoir Session with 5 Easy Tips

How to Nail Your Boudoir Session with 5 Easy Tips




You might be thinking, “So I just booked my first boudoir session, but I’m nervous! What if my photos don’t come out like I want them to?”

I tell my clients all the time that it’s 100% normal to be nervous.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve had one single client yet who hasn’t gone into their session feeling nervous.  It’s to be expected, especially if this is your first boudoir experience (that damn fear of the unknown).   Expect those nerves to disappear though once we begin your session and TRUST that your photographer knows what they’re doing.  After all, that is why you’ve hired a professional, right?

I prepare my clients prior to their session date with a guide of helpful pre-session tips that will help them feel both physically and mentally prepared to have their photos taken. Here are a few tips specific to boudoir sessions, that you as the client can implement to help make your boudoir session a huge success:

1.  EAT

#1 Boudoir session killer is a hungry client. Many of my clients travel several hours to have their boudoir photos taken.  Once they arrive to the studio they may have been in the car for an hour or two already and then will spend up to 3 hours in the studio, including time for hair and makeup application and shooting.  It turns into a long afternoon and I find that when clients have not eaten anything (or haven’t eaten enough) their energy and enthusiasm starts to wane halfway through their session.  No bueno! I can’t stress enough how important it is to eat a substantial breakfast or lunch pre session. I promise you, your breakfast sandwich will not show in your photos and you’ll be much happier during your shoot if you’re not thinking about how hangry you are 😉


It is extremely helpful to stretch, practice yoga, dance, or participate in any other type of body work or exercise that makes you feel more connected to your body and mind.  This will not only help relax you, but it will put you more in touch with the way your body moves and feels.  Take time to love your body and it will love you back! (It may even let you stretch that extra inch in your favorite pose).


I honestly would rather a client bring NOTHING to her session than 3 or 4 outfits that she feels ‘eh’ about. When it comes to wardrobe, confidence is key.  If a client isn’t excited about her outfits then we usually opt for more implied nude and full nude sets. Lingerie isn’t for everyone (ironically, I’m not a huge fan of it for myself) and I totally understand when and why some clients have a hard time shopping. (Shopping is way up there on my list of least favorite things to do on the planet). So, if all else fails, bring your birthday suit and know that we’ll capture stunning images of you in all your beautiful naked glory.


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At the start of each session I offer some quick tips to my clients.  These include keeping their toes pointed, backs arched, booties out, shoulders down, and sitting/standing tall when it applies. The aforementioned points all serve to elongate the body and create flattering shapes and curves.  I also consistently remind my clients of these points throughout the duration of their session, but I think it’s extra awesome when clients catch themselves halfway through adjusting their position and remember to drop their shoulders or point their toes.  I love that!


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A crucial component of the boudoir session process is TRUST.  Understand that this is out of most people’s comfort zone and that you should be proud of yourself for taking this leap of faith and investing in YOU. Also remember that you’ve decided to commission a professional photographer for a reason.  They know what they are doing…and you may not, but that is OK! Your photographer knows how to pose you in all the most flattering positions and will adjust every inch of you from your head to your toes.  Now, I won’t lie to you and tell you that it’s not work having your photos taken (you’re moving around a lot and asking your body to bend and twist in ways it often doesn’t), BUT if you follow instructions you can let go and know that your photographer has your back.

I hope these tips are helpful to you in planning your boudoir session.  If you’d like more info on how to book your session in Miami, Tulum or Los
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