How To Not Look Awkward in Boudoir Photos

How To Not Look Awkward in Boudoir Photos

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But what if I look awkward in my boudoir photos?…it’s the question on a lot of our client’s minds.

Is the thought of looking awkward in your photos keeping you from booking a boudoir shoot? Or even from appearing in photos at all? 

Babe, don’t even stress. I have got you.

After 8 years as a full time boudoir photographer (wow, time flies when you’re doing something you love!) I have perfected instructing my clients through their photo shoots with ease, making the boudoir session experience comfortable and easy while we produce very natural, NON awkward looking photos that my clients are consistently thrilled with.

So how do we do it? Well, there are 5 main ingredients to keeping our photos looking so elegant and natural. These 5 ingredients are the most crucial posing instructions that I give to my clients in every single session.

These ingredients can make or break a photo…which is why you’ll constantly be hearing these directions throughout your boudoir session with us;)

So what are my top boudoir posing instructions? 

1. Point  your toes

When your toes are pointed like a ballerina, your entire body is elongated in photos. The length of your legs gain an entire foot length! Long, luscious legs photograph beautifully and add extra elegance and impact. I’ll be asking you to point your toes in almost every single shot that we take.

los angeles boudoir photography

los angeles boudoir photography

tulum boudoir photographer

2. Drop your shoulders

When we are nervous or tense, our shoulders tend to bunch up toward our ears. When this happens, we can appear less confident or unsure of ourselves than we actually are. During the entire session, I’ll be asking you to drop your shoulders a TON. This creates gorgeous space in the neck and shoulders, again adding a sense of elegance and ease. Sometimes just by dropping our shoulders away from our ears we gain an inch or more of space!

los angeles boudoir photography

los angeles boudoir photography

3. Shoulders back

Nothing is less sexy than slouching, am I right? Not cute. That’s why I’ll also ask you to pull your shoulders back and bring your shoulder blades together all throughout your boudoir shoot. This opens up the chest and helps create confidence in your photos.

Los Angeles Boudoir Photography

los angeles boudoir photography

4. Keep your head parallel with the ceiling

I get a lot of a blank stares on this one! But trust me, it pays off. 

During your session, I’ll ask you to look off to the side (almost always out the window, bringing your face toward the light source). The key when turning your face to the side is to keep the top of your head parallel with the ceiling. This allows for a far more flattering angle for double chins and profiles in general.

Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer

Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer

5. Chest out, booty out

I mean, isn’t that why we’re here lol? 

Well, partly yes. Boudoir photos can also be highly therapeutic for our clients, which we discuss here.

The thing is we want shape in your photos. This means we are emphasizing our curves every step of the way. One way that we do this is by arching our back as far as it will bend. This automatically creates a gorgeous curve in the lower back and accentuates the butt. At the same time we are pressing forward with our chest, creating more space and giving ourselves a natural boob lift. Don’t believe me? Give it a try at home and report back to me in the comments below!

Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer

Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer

So those are my top 5 posing instructions for how to not look awkward in your boudoir photos. You will hear these instructions constantly throughout your boudoir session. Many of our clients end up starting to re-position themselves half-way through the photo shoot as they become more aware of how they are holding their body and feel more confident to make their own adjustments.

Regardless, I’m here throughout the photo session to guide you into poses that work with your body shape and size. Boudoir posing is easy and fun!

Want more info on our photo shoots? We are now booking Los Angeles sessions for June 2022 and Tulum sessions year round.

Schedule a call with us to learn more or to book your empowering boudoir session! 

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