How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Shoot

How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Shoot

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#1: Prep Your Wardrobe Ahead of Time:

We all push some things off to the last minute from time to time but your session wardrobe should not be one of those things! Because, having the proper wardrobe pieces is a crucial component of a successful photo shoot.  

But, don’t worry, babe. We make the process super simple.  

The first step to preparing your wardrobe pieces is to follow the wardrobe prep materials that we’ll send you before your photo shoot.  These prep materials will detail everything you need to know about your session wardrobe, including what we suggest we wear, what NOT to wear, and will even contain direct links to shop.

We also recommend doing an at-home wardrobe fitting (learn more) before your photo shoot.  Doing a fitting will ensure that your pieces are suited for your unique figure and will photograph well.

If you have any questions or concerns along the way, my team and I will be here to support you!

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#2: Exfoliate:

Another way to prepare for your photo shoot is to exfoliate the night (or two nights) before.  Exfoliating helps your makeup go on smoother and smooths the appearance of your skin.

Be sure to properly moisturize after exfoliating to avoid any dryness.

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#3: Refrain From Alcohol the Day Before:

This is sooooo important and often overlooked!  Especially for those of you who come to visit me in Tulum 😉 

It can be tempting to indulge in some drinks the night before your photo shoot to ease your nerves or to celebrate.  But, alcohol is extremely dehydrating and that will have an impact on your photo shoot.  

We suggest staying away from alcohol the day before your photo shoot for 3 main reasons:

#1: Your skin’s appearance – Our goal is naturally glowing skin tones!  Even a few drinks can dehydrate you and change the appearance of your skin the next day.

#2: Flexibility – The poses that we’ll be doing during your photo shoot can feel like a workout.  Proper hydration will help your muscles move freely.

#3: Energy Levels – Alcohol can put a damper on your energy levels because your body will be detoxing the next day and because of dehydration. By booking your boudoir session, you’ve chosen to do something absolutely transformative for yourself. Why not show up 100%?

#4: Spend the Week Pampering Yourself:

Personally, I think you should spend every week pampering yourself!  But I know we all have one million things in our lives to tend to and we often push ourselves to the side.  

But, if you can put an emphasis on your self-care practices the week before your photo shoot, you will walk into the studio more relaxed and in tune with yourself than you would otherwise.

This could look like setting aside “me-time” in the evening or scheduling a massage a few days before. For those of you who are visiting me in Tulum, I suggest arriving a few days before your photo shoot so you can spend plenty of time pampering yourself in Tulum’s mystical environment.

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#5: No Stress the Day Of:

If possible, keep your calendar empty the day of your photo shoot.  It may be tempting to book a meeting or appointment early in the day, but I encourage you to focus solely on preparing for your session. 

Have a leisurely morning and give yourself plenty of time to get to the studio!

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#6: Trust the Prep Process

I know that preparing for your photo shoot can sound like a lot to think about, but we’ll make it as simple as possible for you.

All you have to do is follow our prep materials, trust the process, and be ready to celebrate the incredible woman you are!

I can’t wait to guide you through this experience and help you shift the way you see yourself forever. 

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Let's talk, babe...

The first step to booking your photo shoot is to schedule a phone call with the studio using the button below:

During your phone call, we’ll talk about your vision for your images, I’ll walk you through the process, and we’ll get your date on the calendar if you’re feeling ready!

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