LA Boudoir Photography: Solo and Couple

LA Boudoir Photography: Solo and Couple

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Looking for an epic LA boudoir photography experience with your partner? Also want solo boudoir photos of just you?

Of course you do 😉

Great news, because you don’t have to choose between the two- you can have the best of both worlds.

So what is the power of scheduling a combination solo and couple’s boudoir photo shoot with us in Los Angeles or Tulum? Let’s break it down…

  1. Embracing Self-Confidence All On Your Own: It’s so important to own beautiful, timeless boudoir photos of yourself. Every woman wants and deserves to have them. Which is why I always encourage my clients who are booking their boudoir shoot with their partner to carve out time for their own solo photos. This is a must! It’s also a chance to have a unique experience separate from what you’ll enjoy with your partner later on in the photo shoot and build up your confidence- a very important part of the boudoir experience.

  2. Strengthening Relationships: I see it every time. Couples getting closer as a direct result of their photo shoot. I see the looks my couples give each other when we’re in session, the soft touch, the laughter. This kind of bonding is priceless and something that I think all couples should consider as a way to grow more in love- and document it in sexy style 😉

  3. Creating an Incredible Collection of Artwork: Did you know that when booking a combination solo & couple’s boudoir session that both you and your partner can have extra solo sessions apart from your couple’s photos? This helps us create a full gallery of all your different sides both as individuals and as a couple.

View the gorgeous gallery below featuring a recent combination session in downtown Los Angeles!

p.s. to schedule your own boudoir session with us in Los Angeles or Tulum, reserve a discovery call with us. 

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