La Veleta Restaurants

La Veleta Restaurants

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La Veleta Restaurants: Tulum tips from a local

La Veleta is a sought out neighborhood in Tulum, Mexico known for it’s exceptionally boho hipster vibe, cute and rustic eateries and exploding community of expats and locals alike. New La Veleta restaurants and bakeries keep popping up each month and below I’m going to offer some of my local favorites.

When I first moved to Tulum in 2019, La Veleta was my home for the first two years. And let me tell you, it was nothing like it is now…

La Veleta quite literally blew up during the pandemic, with shops, restaurants and bars popping up, along with new condo construction all over the place. It’s amazing and exciting how fast Tulum is growing, specifically the neighborhood of La Veleta, and I’m here to share some of my favorite restaurants and bakeries in this very special neighborhood.

La Pizzine: 

Nestled in the heart of La Veleta, La Pizzine offers rustic Italian with its wood-fired pizzas and cozy ambiance. It’s charming, very hipster and is a local favorite. Decor is unique and artsy. Not to be missed.

La Pebeta: 

La Veleta’s very best brunch spot. La Pebeta is an Argentine bakery that has been around for a few years and has an extensive menu. It’s the perfect spot for people watching in La Veleta and is in the heart of the neighborhood. Eggs benedict are a must!


Nimeno’s bakery is on Calle 7 in La Veleta and not only do they have a great selection of pastries and more main course dishes, they also happen to be one of the few spots in Tulum that is well air conditioned. This makes it a great co-working spot. Wonderful service and spacious with indoor and outdoor seating. Just be sure to arrive before the lunch time rush.


For those looking to unwind and enjoy pizza and a drink slightly off the beaten path, Manglar is a hidden gem worth seeking out in La Veleta Tulum. The ambiance is relaxed, yet romantic and prices are more in line with Tulum dining circa 2019. Manglar has been a local favorite for years and somehow, it doesn’t get talked about enough. Bring your babe here for nice glass of red, good pizza and sultry jungle garden vibes. You’ll love it!


Some of the best Italian food in Tulum with a lovely, non-pretentious ambiance. Canova has been a La Veleta staple for years and when I first moved to Tulum, was pretty much the only restaurant in the neighborhood! It’s dishes and service can’t be beat and right down the street from La Pebeta, Canova is in the heart of La Veleta’s very best scene.
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