*Ladies Sensual Speakeasy*- May 31st

*Ladies Sensual Speakeasy*- May 31st

Welcome to our BRAND NEW series on female sensuality, sexuality, and full-body soul awakening! This enriching series is brought to you by Oakland-based Kamala Leslie, a holistic sexuality and sensual empowerment coach who will teach you (or rather remind you) just how powerful being a woman actually is.

Kamala and I are thrilled to start bringing you this series and are sure that it’s going to inspire you to up your female empowerment game.

Below you’ll find an intro to the work that Kamala does, as well as some of her own journey.  Enjoy, and hope to see you on May 31st in the studio, where Kamala and I will be hosting a Sensual Speakeasy! This FREE event is open to the public and you can RSVP below.


Have you ever seen another woman look so radiant, seeming so effortlessly magnetic that it’s as if the world just morphs itself to fulfill her desires?  Or maybe it’s as simple as seeing her SO comfortable in her own skin, alive with a joie de vivre, and living life on her own terms?


This, I believe, is our birthright as all women and contrary to how it may appear at times, is NOT something reserved for a particular woman because of genetics or any other ‘thing’ that some women have and some women don’t.  This is the inborn sensual and spiritual power of every woman should she choose to welcome it.


You see, your sensual embodiment is an act of power in a culture that rewards achievement, doing, and production over the wisdom of feminine being.  Starting at a young age, we are socialized as girls to associate all kinds of meaning “good, bad” or “pure, impure” or “chaste, slutty” with our natural aliveness and sensing-feeling natures.


We learn to lock away parts of ourselves and instead begin to STRIVE for a standard outside of us that pull us away from our cores.  We live more from our heads~ from ideas and concepts~ than the exquisite knowingness of our bodies.  Even worse, we are taught that there is some scarcity of beauty, and to compete for some false ideal.  It only leaves us feeling worse about ourselves.


And yet, when we are embodied in the fullness of our own energy and aliveness, we are able to choose and live from our own core knowing as women.  We make our own rules (oh yes!) and anchored in the luscious, divine beauty of ourselves, embracing and owning ALL of us, we ARE truly magnetic and beautiful.  We claim what we want, and let the rest go.


This, is my work in the world.  Or, I should say, my greatest pleasure and devotion.  To empower and guide women into their innate sensual and sexual aliveness and power~ first and foremost, for themselves.  To get to enjoy, and appreciate those higher octaves of lush living, of being in a female body, and having their way with the world.


My own journey started in my late teens and early twenties.  I was very shy and shut down in my body as a teen~ and even once I started to awaken through yoga and dance in my early twenties, I still felt very confused about what was and wasn’t ‘ok’ to feel, express, and enjoy as a growing young woman.  What this pointed me to was how much conditioning we take on from such an early age~ and how much of it is NOT ours and it shuts us down and lures us into a trance of often living half-baked lives that aren’t truly what we want where we are at odds with ourselves and our bodies.


I’ve dedicated the past twenty years to this journey of full body-soul awakening and I promise you, it was and continues to be worth every moment, even if it isn’t always easy.


You see, a new generation of woman are waking up ALL over the planet~ of all ages, classes, and races~ and we are taking back, reclaiming the aliveness that was always ours.  Your sensual embodiment and awakening TRULY is an act of power~  and I invite you… to explore more with me in coming weeks.


I’ll be offering you bits of wisdom, practices, and meditations to guide and inspire you~  as well as always, my paid offerings for those who are ready to go deeper.


For today, I’ll leave you with these questions for you to reflect on (or write to us with):


What does living as a sensually embodied and awakened woman mean to you, personally? How would you feel? What changes, if any, would you make? Is there one thing you can do today to move in that direction?

*Click here to rsvp for the Sensual Speakeasy and explore your sensual awakening with us!- being held at Lindsay Carlisle Boudoir Studio on May 31st*


Yours in SoulSexy Living, 





Kamala Leslie is a Holistic Sexuality and Sensual Empowerment Coach and Ritualist with over twenty years of study and practice in the healing and spiritual arts including yoga, Tantra, Taoist healing, dance, and multiple coaching certifications.  She is here to lead, teach, and inspire women to connect to and create an intentional and loving relationship to their sexuality so they can experience the absolute pleasure, power, beauty, and fulfillment of living in a female body on this planet. She offers 1:1 and group coaching, as well as Jade Egg classes, and other related workshops and retreats.