Let Tulum Be Your Healer

Let Tulum Be Your Healer

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Of all of our locations, if I had to pick a favorite… I would have to say Tulum. 

I may be a little biased because it’s where I am lucky enough to call home, but if you have been to Tulum or have talked to anyone who has, the rejuvenating magic of Tulum is probably what stood out.

Tulum’s essence is it’s own medicine that makes it the perfect environment for your boudoir shoot.  

Now, our other shoot locations totally have their own unique beauty, however when doing your boudoir shoot in Tulum, you will be fully immersing yourself in a mind-body-spirit-soul aligning experience.  

This immersive experience will allow you to be more present during your session, focus more on the healing aspects of your boudoir shoot, and get to know that inner goddess a bit more…. And I can’t forget the incredible backdrops that Tulum’s nature provides.

Regardless of what brought you to boudoir, our sessions are a powerful form of healing that will shift your perspective on life and yourself in big ways. That perspective shift may happen concerning a specific memory you have, or perhaps this perspective shift is a catalyst that helps you break away from the unhealthy norms and societal pressures that have been imposed on you.  

Learn more about our approach to Boudoir Photography As Therapy in our recent blog post.

Nonetheless, setting an intention for your Tulum boudoir shoot can be beneficial as it will help you stay grounded throughout your time there and narrow in on what kinds of activities may be most aligned with your trip. 

I strongly urge you to book your shoot with me and stay a few extra days to get to know the core of Tulum… and reconnect with the core of you :). We recently shared a 4-Day Tulum Travel Itinerary that will give you some ideas for how you could spend those extra days.  

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Not only is your shoot and Tulum’s essence – nature, people, food, air… I could go on! – going to bring you immense healing but there are so many incredible activities to do while you are visiting that will enrich your experience and ignite your soul. For example, here are our recommendations for Day Trips From Tulum, 5 Placed You Must Visit in Tulum, and the Best Cenotes Near Tulum.

We often forget we are energetic beings that need to be connected to mother earth and our inner selves in order to fully thrive.  

Our bodies are constantly affected by energies such as free radicals, positive ions, wifi, UV rays, and many other components that can fog our most aligned vision. Have you ever had a day where you just feel exhausted for no reason? Have you ever just been in a bad mood and can’t explain why? These are signs that you may be in need of an energetic and emotional detox. 

Tulum is ready to be that safe place for you.

All over our Mother Earth there are areas of intense healing energies. People flock to these areas naturally and often find themselves healed or energized during their stay there. 

Tulum is one of these which is what makes it so magnetic. 

Tulum was selected by the ancient Maya as a place to settle. Ancient cultures didn’t select their homes for the view or for the real estate value. These people chose their homes for the magical energy and placement. Tulum is the only Mayan site that sits on the ocean and has the added protection of the reef against invaders.  

Tulum is a site of thousands of years of culture and rituals. It is filled with the healing beauty of nature with its jungles, sea, beaches, ancient temples, and thousands of species of animals.

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During your destination boudoir shoot in Tulum, you’ll be stepping into a cultural hub of healers, yogis, and many types of spiritual retreats. Whether you come to attend some of those or just come to disconnect in nature, you will find a shift, a cleansing, and a lightening of your energy.

Ready to learn more about a boudoir shoot in Tulum, LA, or Miami?

Please use the button below to schedule a complimentary phone consultation with our studio manager, Tricia.  During your phone call, Tricia will walk you through the experience and get your date on the books if you are ready!



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